A boshrelease for service fabrik's blueprint service that is used to try out service-fabrik broker
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Blueprint Boshrelease


A Bosh release for Blueprint service which can be used a sample service to try service-fabrik-broker.

Idea of blue-print boshrelease is to provide a simple blueprint service that demonstrates the Bosh release, the service agent (in our case conveniently co-located with the service and the bosh release, but in your case most likely separate repositories and maybe even bosh releases if you consume a community bosh release), the deployment manifest template, and its catalog entry.


Need to have bosh-lite installed on your machine.

Download and Installation

  • Install Bosh-Lite following the instructions here .

  • Deploy on Bosh-Lite :

    $ git clone https://github.com/sap/service-fabrik-blueprint-boshrelease.git
    $ cd service-fabrik-blueprint-boshrelease
    $ bosh upload release $(ls -1rv releases/blueprint/blueprint-*.yml | head -1)
      Set the Bosh Director UUID in deployments/warden.yml
    $ bosh deployment deployments/warden.yml
    $ bosh -n deploy
    $ bosh vms

How to Obtain Support

If you need any support, have any question or have found a bug, please report it in the GitHub bug tracking system. We shall get back to you.


This project is licensed under the Apache Software License, v. 2 except as noted otherwise in the LICENSE file