A Rails JRuby sample for Cloud Foundry
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JRuby Rails Sample App

Usage Guide

This app is intended to show the changes you need to make to a Rails app when using JRuby in order to be able to deploy it to Cloud Foundry.

Running locally

This application is configured to use MySQL so you would need to have this running locally. You would also need to have a working installation of JRuby.

Clone this repository and run the application locally using:

jruby -S rake db:create jruby -S rake db:migrate jruby -S rails server

Running on Cloud Foundry

In addition to a working installation of JRuby you would also need to have the Warbler and vmc gems installed.

Now we need to package the war using:

jruby -S bundle install
jruby -S rake assets:precompile
jruby -S warble

To deploy, we need to do that from a different directory. The vmc gem needs to run with C Ruby so we need to configure this deploy directory to use a Ruby 1.9 - you can do that with both RVM (rvm ruby-1.9.2-p290) and rbenv (rbenv local 1.9.2-p290).

mv bookshelf.war deploy/.
cd deploy

Now we are ready to push the app to Cloud Foundry

vmc target api.cloudfoundry.com
vmc login cloud@mycompany.com
vmc push bookshelf