A Ruby Resque sample app, modified to work on Cloud Foundry.
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Copy of resque demo sample that can be deployed on Cloud Foundry. This app differs from the original only by addition of the Gemfile and Cloud Foundry manifest files. Highlights CF Ruby auto-reconfiguration by automatically connecting the server and workers to a CF Redis service.

Starting the Demo App

Here's how to deploy the Sinatra app to Cloud Foundry:

$ bundle install
$ bundle package
$ vmc push --manifest server-manifest.yml
Would you like to deploy from the current directory? [Yn]:
Application Name: my-resque-server
Application Deployed URL [my-resque-server.cloudfoundry.com]:
$ open http://my-resque-server.cloudfoundry.com

Click 'Create New Job' a few times. You should see the number of pending jobs rising.

Starting the Demo Worker

Deploy the worker on Cloud Foundry:

$ vmc push --manifest worker-manifest.yml
Would you like to deploy from the current directory? [Yn]:
Application Name: my-resque-worker
$ vmc logs my-resque-worker

You should see the following output:

*** Starting worker 5fa7867f-b1ce-4b01-bf64-3af799439f72:6825:default
*** got: (Job{default} | Demo::Job | [{}])
Processed a job!
*** done: (Job{default} | Demo::Job | [{}])

You can also edit the command property in worker-manifest.yml to use VVERBOSE (very verbose) if you want to see more:

$ VVERBOSE=true QUEUE=default rake resque:work
*** Starting worker hostname:90399:default
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90399: Registered signals
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90399: Checking default
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90399: Found job on default
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90399: got: (Job{default} | Demo::Job | [{}])
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90399: resque: Forked 90401 at 1253141709
** [05:55:09 2009-09-16] 90401: resque: Processing default since 1253141709
Processed a job!
** [05:55:10 2009-09-16] 90401: done: (Job{default} | Demo::Job | [{}])

Notice that our workers require 'job' in our Rakefile. This ensures they have our app loaded and can access the job classes.

Scaling the Demo Worker

To add more workers:

$ vmc instances resque-worker +2

Starting the Resque frontend

Great, now let's check out the Resque frontend. Either click on 'View Resque' in your web browser or run:

$ open http://my-resque-server.cloudfoundry.com/resque/

You should see the Resque web frontend. 404 page? Don't forget the trailing slash!

That's it!

Click around, add some more queues, add more jobs, do whatever, have fun.