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Updated manifest.yml and README.

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@@ -52,6 +52,21 @@ $ ./gradlew assemble
$ cf push --path=build/libs/spring-music.war
+The application will be pushed using settings in the provided manifest.yml file. The settings include some random
+characters in the host to make sure the URL for the app is unique in the Cloud Foundry environment. Once the app is
+uploaded and finishes staging, run the following command to see the URL that was assigned:
+$ cf app
+Using manifest file manifest.yml
+spring-music: running
+ usage: 512M × 1 instance
+ urls:
+Using the provided URL in the urls field displayed, you can browse to the running application.
You can bind the application to a database service when it is pushed, or you can run it without a bound service (in
the `in-memory` profile).
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ applications:
- name: spring-music
memory: 512M
instances: 1
- url: spring-music.${target-base}
+ host: spring-music-${random-word}
+ domain:
path: build/libs/spring-music.war

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