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Archived repository - App-AutoScaler

⚠️ ⚠️The contents of this repo have been moved over to, please submit all issues/pull requests on that repository.:warning: :warning:

The App-AutoScaler provides the capability to adjust the computation resources for Cloud Foundry applications through

  • Dynamic scaling based on application performance metrics
  • Scheduled scaling based on time

The App-AutoScaler has the following components:

  • api : provides public APIs to manage scaling policy
  • servicebroker: implements the Cloud Foundry service broker API
  • metricsgateway : collects and filters loggregator events via loggregator v2 API
  • metricsserver: transforms loggregator events to app-autoscaler performance metrics ( metricsgateway + metricsserver is a replacement of metricscollector)
  • metricsforwarder: receives and forwards custom metrics to loggreator via v2 ingress API
  • eventgenerator: aggreates memory metrics, evaluates scaling rules and triggers events for dynamic scaling
  • scheduler: manages the schedules in scaling policy and trigger events for scheduled scaling
  • scalingengine: takes the scaling actions based on dynamic scaling rules or schedules

You can follow the development progress on Pivotal Tracker.


System requirements

Database requirement

The App-AutoScaler supports Postgres and MySQL. It uses Postgres as the default backend data store. These are run up locally with docker images so ensure that docker is working on your system before running up the tests.


To set up the development, firstly clone this project

$ git clone

Generate scheduler test certs

Initialize the Database

  • Postgres
make init-db
  • MySQL
make init-db db_type=mysql

Generate TLS Certificates

create the certificates

Note: on macos it will install certstrap automatically but on other OS's it needs to be pre-installed

make test-certs

Install consul

To be able to run unit tests and integration tests, you'll need to install consul binary.

if uname -a | grep Darwin; then os=darwin; else os=linux; fi
curl -L -o $TMPDIR/ "${os}"
unzip $TMPDIR/ -d $GOPATH/bin

Unit tests

  • Postgres:
make test
  • MySQL:
make test db_type=mysql

Integration tests


make integration


make test db_type=mysql

Build App-AutoScaler

make build

Clean up

You can use the make clean to remove:

  • database ( postgres or mysql)
  • autoscaler build artifacts

Coding Standards

Autoscaler uses Golangci and Checkstyle for its code base. Refer to style-guide

Deploy and offer Auto-Scaler as a service

Go to app-autoscaler-release project for how to BOSH deploy App-AutoScaler

Use Auto-Scaler service

Refer to user guide for the details of how to use the Auto-Scaler service, including policy definition, supported metrics, public API specification and command line tool.


This project is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.


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