Internal API to access the database for Diego.
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BBS Server GoDoc

Note: This repository should be imported as

API to access the database for Diego.

A general overview of the BBS is documented here.


To interact with the BBS from outside of Diego, use the methods provided on the Client interface.

Components within Diego may use the full InternalClient interface to modify internal state.

Code Generation

The protobuf models in this repository require version 3.5 or later of the protoc compiler.


On Mac OS X with Homebrew, run the following to install it:

brew install protobuf


  1. Download a zip archive of the latest protobuf release from here.
  2. Unzip the archive in /usr/local.
  3. chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/protoc to make sure you can use the binary.

If you already have an older version of protobuf installed, you must uninstall it first by running brew uninstall protobuf

Install the gogoproto compiler by running:

go install

Run go generate ./... from the root directory of this repository to generate code from the .proto files as well as to generate fake implementations of certain interfaces for use in test code.

Generating ruby models for BBS models

The following documentation assume the following versions:

  1. protoc > v3.0.0
  2. ruby protobuf gem > 3.6.12

Run the following commands from the models directory to generate .pb.rb files for the BBS models:

  1. gem install protobuf
  2. cp $(which protoc-gen-ruby){,2}
  3. protoc -I$GOPATH/src --proto_path=. --ruby2_out=/path/to/ruby/files *.proto

Note Replace /path/to/ruby/files with the desired destination of the .pb.rb files. That directory must exist before running this command.

Note The above steps assume that is on the GOPATH.

Note Since protoc v3 now ships with a ruby generator, the built-in generator will mask the gem's binary. This requires a small hack in order to be able to use the protobuf gem, the hack is simply to rename the protobuf gem's binary to be ruby2 and ask protoc to generate ruby2 code which will force it to use the binary. For more information please read this github issue


See the instructions in Running the Experimental SQL Unit Tests for testing against a SQL backend

See Migrations for information about writing database migrations.