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Package Diagram

The following diagram describes the primary packages, their salient classes/subpackages, and their interdependencies.

bosh-init package diagram

Deploy Command Flow

The deploy command consumes:

  1. combo manifest (installation & deployment manifests)
  2. stemcell (root file system)
  3. CPI release
  4. BOSH release

The deploy command produces:

  1. a local installation of the CPI
  2. a remote deployment of BOSH (and its multiple jobs) on a single VM or container on the cloud infrastructure targeted by the CPI

bosh-init deploy flow

Delete Command Flow

  1. combo manifest (installation manifest)
  2. CPI release

The deploy command produces: a local installation of the CPI.

The deploy command deletes: previously deployed remote VM, disk(s), & stemcell.

bosh-init delete flow

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