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This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
Collection of proposals for BOSH
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bosh-notes - deprecated

This repository is now archived for historical purposes.

Please reach out to the #bosh team on CloudFoundry Slack. Submit issues and feature requests against the project repo BOSH.

This repository contains collection of proposals for BOSH. For implemented features and their documentation, please see

Please see for status of each proposal.

You can also find currently in progress work in the Epics view in each Tracker:


  • Check existing proposals for duplicate ideas
  • Submit a PR with your proposal (proposals/ directory)
    • Include details about use cases, possible solutions, problems, related proposals, etc.
  • Proposal will go through different states
    • discussing
    • rejected when rejected
    • accepted when accepted
    • in-progress when implementation starts
    • finished when completed
  • Certain portions of a proposal may be left out of initial implementation hence new proposal should be formed
    • Use -vX (-v2) suffix for continuation


./summarize.rb >
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