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BOSH OpenStack CPI
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.zuul.yaml Execute CPI tests against OpenStack Stein Apr 18, 2019 Use bundle package for auto-update gems Mar 27, 2018
LICENSE Minor LICENSE formatting fixes Mar 17, 2017
NOTICE Remove individual reference to copyright in files Dec 13, 2016 Include official support policy in README Oct 19, 2018

BOSH OpenStack CPI Release

See Initializing a BOSH environment on OpenStack for example usage.

See List of OpenStack API calls to get an idea about the necessary OpenStack configuration for using Bosh.

Supported OpenStack Versions

We follow the upstream OpenStack policy of supported releases. A release is Maintained for ~18 months and then moves into Extended Maintenance if there are community members maintaining it.

The OpenStack CPI runs automated tests against all OpenStack versions with status Maintained or Extended Maintenance with the help of the OpenLab project and our cf-openstack-validator. We don't test or guarantee the CPI to be working on OpenStack versions marked as Unmaintained or EOL. Check the official OpenStack releases page to find out about the maintenance state for a specific release.


See development doc.

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