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You need to install a few dependencies for the build to succeed. We include examples using Homebrew here. Replace with your package manager of choice.

  • Install Chef-DK to get berkshelf
    brew cask install chefdk
  • Install packer
    brew cask install packer
  • Download OVF Tool
  • Clone the repository and vendor the cookbooks
    cd bosh-stemcell
    berks vendor cookbooks

Create a stemcell builder machine

packer -var 'ovf_tool_path=<path to your OVF Tool download>' -var 'build_identifier=<some unique string identifier>' -var 'aws_access_key=<your aws access key>' -var 'aws_secret_key=<your aws secret key>' template.json

This command builds both boxes: AWS and virtualbox. If you want to build only one of these boxes, specify an additional argument -only=<amazon-ebs|virtualbox-iso>. Note that you can set the aws keys to random strings if you don't want to build an AWS box.