An external BOSH CPI for the SoftLayer cloud written in Golang
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A script used to create an empty VM on SL
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BOSH SoftLayer CPI Release

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This is a BOSH release for the SoftLayer CPI.

The latest version for the SoftlLayer CPI release is here. Also, it is already available on

To use this CPI you will need to use the SoftLayer light stemcell. it's also available on

Bootstrap on SoftLayer

You can use bosh-init from community to bootstrap an environment.

See bosh-init-usage. Use the CPI and stemcells releases above to do so.

Deployment Manifests Samples

For Cloud Config, see sl-cloud-config

For Concourse, follow the guide of Cluster with BOSH and reference the deployment manifest sample in Deploying Concourse section.

For a minimalistic deployment of Cloud Foundry (diego architecture), follow the introduction

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Q: How do I specify a dynamic network through subnet instead of vlan id?

    A: We don't support it currently.

  2. Q: Is there any restrictions about the hostname supported by SoftLayer?

    A: Yes. The hostname length can't be exactly 64. Otherwise there will be problems with ssh login.