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CF BOSH Director

  • [link] img As a BOSH operator, I do not want a change in the order of jobs in my jobs array to require an instance to be updated (2.0)
  • [link] img Explore What do we need to do to make the director not a single point of failure (0.0)
  • [link] img cloudfoundry/bosh #2146: Reattach persistent disk if mismatch (1.0)
  • [link] img cloudfoundry/bosh-deployment #338: increase the size of vSphere compilation VM from default to large (0.0)
  • [link] img [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh #2124: Timeout during instance update when recreating many instances
  • [link] img As a BOSH Operator, I want docs on the networks page that explains VIPs in cloud config (1.0)
  • [link] img As a BOSH operator, I can move static IPs from one VIP network to another and continue to use the same address for my instance group (2.0)
  • [link] img Ask AWS for more details around NVMe support (0.0)
  • [link] img [chore] Make bosh-io releases pipelines greener
  • [link] img Add documentation for how to use absolute path variables (1.0)

  • [link] [release] VIP can be provided in cloud config and dynamically assigned to deployments as referenced/needed
  • [link] [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh #2131: Restarting BOSH Director VM Results in an Inaccessible Director API
  • [link] Remove legacy nats functionality (2.0)
  • [link] Explore What does it take to recover the director if an AZ fails (0.0)
  • [link] [chore] Ensure bosh-deployment tests cleanup in event of failure
  • [link] Remove job support from the manifest (2.0)
  • [link] Bump bpm in bosh-deployment to 1.x+ (1.0)
  • [link] Documentation on recreate/restart/stop+start should call out convergence behavior (1.0)
  • [link] Remove director_uuid support from the manifest (1.0)
  • [link] Bump AWS CPI in bosh-deployment (1.0)
  • ...

CF BOSH Director (label: pull-request)

CF BOSH Director (label: next-release)

CF BOSH Director (label: stemcell-xenial)


  • [link] as a bosh dns user, i expect that health are enabled by default (1.0)
  • [link] dns server's debug server should be able to start on pure ipv6 vm (unest.)
  • [link] as a bosh dns user, i expect that bosh dns is fuzzed to find unexpected crashes etc (4.0)
  • [link] [chore] refactor dns server main


CF BOSH [Registry Removal]

CF BOSH [Hotswap]


  • [link] img [bug] auto_assign_public_ip is impossible to override to false in the AWS CPI v63+

  • [link] [chore] Review CI pipeline environments (redridge, scarlet)
  • [link] [chore] improve cleanup of acceptance test resources
  • [link] [release] minor aws enhancements
  • [link] Review and merge AliCloud CPI PRs (unest.)
  • [link] document multi cpi configuration on aws and vsphere (4.0)
  • [link] make pr to update google-cpi to use bosh-go-cpi (2.0)
  • [link] document multi cpi configuration on aws focused on multi tenancy use case (unest.)
  • [link] onboard gcp cpi onto bosh-cpi concourse (4.0)
  • [link] [chore] Investigate if aws cpi needs changes to take advantage of kvm hypervisor
  • [link] bosh_aws_cpi release should compile on Ubuntu 16.04 (unest.)
  • ...

CF BOSH Extended Team

  • [link] img record delete disk event during clean up around delete_disk cpi call (1.0)
  • [link] img user can bosh ssh by ip (2.0)
  • [link] img as an operator i expect to be able to control rate of tasks being picked up (4.0)
  • [link] img as an operator, i can disable/enable resurrection based on rules (4.0)
  • [link] img as a operator, i expect to see agent download packages in parallel (2.0)
  • [link] img support selection of addons based on ig lifecycle (1.0)
  • [link] img support specification of multiple include and exclude rules on addons (2.0)
  • [link] img print instances/vms tables as they come in instead of buffering until the end (2.0)

  • [link] as an operator, i can control how many instances are updated regardless azs (2.0)

CF BOSH [Interviews]

  • [link] bosh director api should allow for partial uuid searches (2.0)
  • [link] as an operator using bosh-dns I should be able to list all aliases (1.0)
  • [link] as a dynamic service not provisioned by bosh, i want to add manual dns names to the bosh dns records in a given vm (2.0)
  • [link] as a cli user, i expect to be able to delete an instance (2.0)
  • [link] as a dns user i expect to be able decode queries and see human friendly summary (4.0)
  • [link] as an agent api client, i expect for the agent to not talk to registry even if stemcell agent config says so if agent has full settings already (unest.)
  • [link] [bug] Confusing "dns disabled" in "bosh env"

BOSH vSphere CPI

  • [link] img User should be able to pin a VM to a host by disabling DRS on the particular VM. (2.0)
  • [link] img Nested resource pool. (1.0)
  • [link] img VM extension - Enable solutions manager to be visible. (1.0)
  • [link] img [chore] Onboarding Template

  • [link] Migrate to NSX-T policy API. (unest.)
  • [link] Make host groups rule configurable between must and should (unest.)
  • [link] [bug] Make error in IP conflict detector when using a qualified DVPG name
  • [link] Rename BOSH created VMs to human readable names. (2.0)
  • [link] Add a specified set of tags to the VMs (unest.)
  • [link] Add the AZ tags to vCenter infra. (unest.)
  • [link] Implement v2 of the CPI API contract (3.0)
  • [link] [chore] Test NSXT 2.4
  • [link] [chore] Update pipeline to use vSphere 6.7 U2.
  • [link] BOSH changes for Human Readable names. (unest.)
  • ...

CF BOSH Europe

  • [link] img As a bosh user, I want bosh upload release to re-upload a release when the previous upload errored out (4.0)
  • [link] img Apply problem resolution in parallel (4.0)
  • [link] img auto-bump bosh-packages/ruby-release similar to our pipeline (2.0)
  • [link] img Alert for all instances of a single deployment having missing VMs (2.0)
  • [link] img [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh-cli #522: upload-release prints basic auth credentials when upload fails
  • [link] img Spike: Can parallel resurrection act like update deployment? (2.0)
  • [link] img Spike: Consume vendored ruby-package in Openstack CPI (2.0)
  • [link] img remove redundant logging in /var/log (2.0)
  • [link] img [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh #1869: attach_disk failures result in corrupt state
  • [link] img Implement re-attaching disk if inconsistencies between director and agent (1.0)
  • [link] img As a syslog-forwarder user, I'd like to have the filename in the syslog properties, such that I can filter my logs by file (2.0)
  • [link] img [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh-linux-stemcell-builder #82: Syslog logging not possible on Xenial with unprivileged user
  • [link] img document bosh.env contract between director and CPI and agent configuration (1.0)
  • [link] img Remove the feature to pause resurrection for individual instances (2.0)
  • [link] img Add property 'parallel_problem_resolution` to the director job (2.0)
  • [link] img [chore] Spike: Can we reduce agent log output

  • [link] [release] cpi release: generic retry and port reuse
  • [link] Document credential rotation on (2.0)
  • [link] [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh #2156: director_sync_dns is not resilient against postgres downtimes
  • [link] Create a PR and start discussion with SF about auto-bumped ruby-release (2.0)
  • [link] [bug] cloudfoundry/bosh #2150: director_sync_dns process is in running state but with broken Sequel state
  • [link] [chore] Use separate OpenStack user for pipelines
  • [link] Consume vendored ruby-release in OpenStack CPI (2.0)
  • [link] [chore] Spike: Can the agent log be forwarded
  • [link] [chore] Rotate concourse worker keys
  • [link] [release] New validator release: ntp works on stemcells, new logging, updated CPI, fixed swift test
  • ...
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