BOSH vSphere CPI
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Lifecycle-6.0 with NSXV (6.4.2)
Lifecycle-6.5 with NSXT-21
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Lifecycle-6.7 with NSXT-22
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BOSH vSphere CPI Release

The vsphere CPI can be used with VMware vSphere.

This is a BOSH release for the vSphere CPI.

See Initializing a BOSH environment on vSphere for example usage.


See development doc.

See vSphere API Docs.


An environment running one of the following supported releases:

NSX Support:


The following table maps BOSH concepts to their vSphere-native equivalents.

BOSH vSphere
Availability Zone Clusters/Resource Pools
Virtual Machine Virtual Machine
VM Config Metadata Virtual Device ISO
Network Subnet Networking
Persistent Disk Virtual Hard Disk
Stemcell Virtual Machine

Feature Support

The following sections describe some specific BOSH features supported by the CPI.


The CPI supports multiple NICs being attached to a single VM.

Network Type Support
Manual Multiple networks per instance
Dynamic Not Supported
VIP Not Supported


vSphere supports disk encryption and customer-managed keys when managed through policy configuration within the vCenter 6.5+ (learn more). For this functionality, encryption occurs at the hypervisor level which is transparent to the VM. Once enabled within vCenter, no additional configuration is required for the CPI.

Disk Type Encryption
Root Disk Supported
Ephemeral Disk Supported
Persistent Disk Supported


Feature Support
Multi-CPI Supported, v34+
Native Disk Resize Not Supported