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The ami script takes a config file as only argument, and config.yml need
to contain the aws credentials, path to ssh keys and hash called regions,
either empty or a hash with region names, containing a hash of instance
id, instance name & ami, e.g.
:access_key_id: ...
:secret_access_key: ...
:private: ~/.ssh/key
:public: ~/.ssh/
:id: i-933c65e8
:ami: ami-69dd6900
To publish a new stemcell as an AMI in all AWS EC2 regions, do the following:
- First edit and update STEMCELL to the latest published
version, which later will be downloaded to each instance.
- Then run:
bin/ami config.yml
If starting from scratch, it will create a new instance in each region,
and if there are existing instances in config.yml, it will reuse them.
Then it will upload everything in the scripts directory to each instance,
and finally run each of them.
This will create an AMI and store the reference in config.yml
- Once the script is done, the instances can be removed.
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