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Reg: Error in applcation deployment with centos stemcell on vpshere. #108

harikrishna1210 opened this Issue Apr 1, 2013 · 7 comments

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I took CentOS-6.3-x86_64-minimal.iso and created centos stemcell
with help of the stemcell tool followed by below site:

Finally uploaded centos stemcell to vpshere micro bosh instance.It's successfully uploaded and i able to to see the output.
"bosh stemcells" command.

bosh stemcells

| Name | Version | CID |
| bosh-centos-stemcell | 1.5.0.pre2 | sc-4b4baf7d-3cbf-4b9e-b8a6-bba6ffbf2e07 |
| bosh-stemcell | 0.6.7 | sc-d21bff0b-a26f-4fae-8ee6-c8d1c5819f6d |

Stemcells total: 2


Already i have one release that one is working with application deployment on ubuntu.

Now what i did edited manifest file relative to this and executed "bosh deploy",then i am getting below error.

bosh deploy

Getting deployment properties from director...
Compiling deployment manifest...
Please review all changes carefully
Deploying centos-deploy.yml' tohari' (type 'yes' to continue): yes

Director task 17

Preparing deployment
binding deployment (00:00:00)
binding releases (00:00:00)
binding existing deployment (00:00:00)
binding resource pools (00:00:00)
binding stemcells (00:00:00)
binding templates (00:00:00)
binding properties (00:00:00)
binding unallocated VMs (00:00:00)
binding instance networks (00:00:00)
Done 9/9 00:00:00

Preparing package compilation
finding packages to compile (00:00:00)
Done 1/1 00:00:00

Compiling packages
zabbix/0.1-dev: Timed out pinging to 8369250b-d783-4fd3-8a6f-521528f22b11 after 600 seconds (00:10:30)
Error 1/1 00:10:30

Error 450002: Timed out pinging to 8369250b-d783-4fd3-8a6f-521528f22b11 after 600 seconds

Task 17 error


When i started "bosh deploy" new vm is getting created(power on) with centos stemcell but it's not getting IP,Bcz of this reason execution getting stopped and getting above error.Steps what i did for application deployment with ubuntu,For this also did same but vm is not getting deployed.

This problem with centos stemcell,I used ubuntu stemcell not giving any error.How to fix,Can you please suggest me if you found any mistake i did.



I am using this below as manifest file for deployment.

centos-deploy1.yml file.

name: centos-deploy1
director_uuid: 6ed4b624-2407-46c6-8051-c4235ba7de0b
name: zab-rel
version: latest


  • name: default subnets:
    • reserved:
      • - static:
      • - range: gateway: dns:
      • cloud_properties: name: VM Network


  • name: medium stemcell: name: bosh-centos-stemcell version: 1.5.0.pre2 network: default size: 1 cloud_properties: ram: 1024 disk: 8192 cpu: 1

workers: 10
network: default
ram: 2048
disk: 4096
cpu: 4

canaries: 1
canary_watch_time: 60000
update_watch_time: 60000
max_in_flight: 1
max_errors: 2


  • name: zabbix template: zabbix instances: 1 resource_pool: medium networks:
    • name: default static_ips:

user: Administrator
password: chorus123!
- name: bosh
vm_folder: CF_VMs
template_folder: CF_Templates
disk_path: CF_Disks
datastore_pattern: boshdatastore
persistent_datastore_pattern: boshdatastore
allow_mixed_datastores: true
- boshcluster

Note: In resource pool section i changed stemcell attributes,Then please see below as result.

For centos:

name: bosh-centos-stemcell
version: 1.5.0.pre2

result: It's not working.

For ubuntu:

name: bosh-stemcell
version: 0.6.7

result: It's working perfectly

Note: Can you please check once and tell me what needs to be done for fixing this above error.


Cloud Foundry member

CentOS is currently not supported for BOSH stemcells, specifically in the bosh_agent codebase. If a 3rd party is building stemcells for BOSH, I'd suggest contacting them about issues you're having with their stemcells.

@oppegard oppegard closed this May 29, 2013
mreider commented May 29, 2013

We are working on CentOS. We are going to keep issues open that reflect future work.

@mreider mreider reopened this May 29, 2013
Cloud Foundry member
drnic commented Jun 11, 2013

Update: Martin has been working on #274


FYI my centos stemcell builder hack (I've just made it work, not polished it or made it work alongside ubuntu) is here:

jfoley commented Aug 15, 2013

@mreider - is this still something you are tracking?

@aramprice / @jfoley

/cc @tsaleh

jfoley commented Apr 19, 2014

Closing stale issue

CF Community Pair (@chou & @jfoley)

@jfoley jfoley closed this Apr 19, 2014
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