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@bosh-ci-push-pull bosh-ci-push-pull released this Mar 8, 2019 · 233 commits to master since this release


  • enable_post_deploy now defaults to true(#161970878)
  • Add exported_from to releases array for specifying exact stemcell used in compilation (#163832588)
  • When draining director, allow urgent tasks to run until all other tasks are idle (#163869051)
  • Provide better error message in case of disabled cloud-config (PR #1752)
  • Pre-fetch agent_id in agent broadcaster to reduce number of queries on deployments with many VMs (#163388498)
  • Speedup performance of job template rendering (PR #2147)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix "BOSH HM is not resilient against NATS server restarts" (#163625117)
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