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This contains the configuration for the Cloud Foundry Buildpacks team Concourse deployment.


Concourse State

Jobs and tasks in the buildpacks-ci repository store state in public-buildpacks-ci-robots. See repository README for details.

Commands and recipes

Updating all the Pipelines


Debugging the build

fly intercept -j $JOB_NAME -t task -n $TASK_NAME

Clearing the git resources

fly intercept -c $RESOURCE_NAME rm -rf /tmp/git-resource-repo-cache

To build a new version of a binary

  1. Check out the binary-builds branch

  2. Edit the YAML file appropriate for the build (e.g. ruby-builds.yml)

  3. Find the version number and package SHA256 of the new binary. For many binaries, the project website provides the SHA256 along with the release (for example, provides the SHA256 along with each JRuby release). For others (such as Godep), you download the .tar.gz file and run shasum -a 256 <tar_file> to obtain the SHA256.

  4. Add any number of versions and their checksums to the array, e.g.

    - version: 2.2.2
      sha256: 5ffc0f317e429e6b29d4a98ac521c3ce65481bfd22a8cf845fa02a7b113d9b44
  5. git commit -am 'Build ruby 2.2.2' && git push

Build should automatically kick off at and silently upload a binary to the pivotal-buildpacks bucket under dependencies/, e.g.

Note that the array is a stack, which will be emptied as the build succeeds in packaging successive versions.

Running the Test Suite

If you are running the full test suite, some of the integration tests are dependent on the Lastpass CLI and correctly targeting the fly CLI.

To login to the Lastpass CLI:

lpass login $USERNAME

You will then be prompted for your Lastpass password and Google Authenticator Code.

To login to the Fly CLI and target the buildpacks CI:

fly -t buildpacks login

You will be prompted to select either the Github or Basic Auth authentication methods.

After these are set up, you will be able to run the test suite via:


Buildpack Repositories Guide

buildpacks-ci pipelines and tasks refer to many other repositories. These repos are where the buildpack team and others develop buildpacks and related artifacts.

Officially-supported Buildpacks

Each officially-supported buildpack has a develop and a master branch.

Active development happens on develop. Despite our best efforts, develop will sometimes be unstable and is not production-ready.

Our release branch is master. This is stable and only updated with new buildpack releases.

Tooling for Development and Runtime

  • buildpack-packager Builds cached and uncached buildpacks
  • machete Buildpack integration testing framework.
  • compile-extensions Suite of utility scripts used in buildpacks at runtime
  • libbuildpack Library used for writing buildpacks in Golang
  • binary-builder Builds binaries against specified rootfs
  • cflinuxfs2 Tooling to build cflinuxfs2 root file system ("rootfs") for CF
  • brats Buildpack Runtime Acceptance Test Suite, a collection of smoke tests

BOSH Releases

BOSH releases are used in the assembly of cf-release.

Experimental or unsupported


These buildpacks are possible candidates for promotion, or experimental architecture explorations.


Private Repos

Some repositories are private for historical or security reasons. We list them for completeness.