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The cf-java-client repo contains a Java client library and tools for Cloud Foundry. Three major components are included in this repo.



The cloudfoundry-client-lib is a Java library that provides a Java language binding for the Cloud Foundry Cloud Controller REST API. The library can be used by Java, Groovy, and Scala apps to interact with a Cloud Foundry service on behalf of a user.

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The Cloud Foundry Maven plugin is a plugin for the Maven build tool that allows you to deploy and manage applications with Maven goals.

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The Cloud Foundry Gradle plugin is a plugin for the Gradle build tool that allows you to deploy and manage applications with Gradle tasks.

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Cloud Foundry Resources

Cloud Foundry Open Source Platform as a Service


Our documentation, currently a work in progress, is available here:

Ask Questions

Questions about the Cloud Foundry Open Source Project can be directed to our Google Groups.

File a bug

Bugs can be filed using Github Issues within the various repositories of the Cloud Foundry components.

OSS Contributions

The Cloud Foundry team uses GitHub and accepts contributions via pull request

Follow these steps to make a contribution to any of our open source repositories:

  1. Complete our CLA Agreement for individuals or corporations
  2. Set your name and email
$ git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
$ git config --global ""
  1. Fork the repo
  2. Make your changes on a topic branch, commit, and push to github and open a pull request.

Once your commits are approved by Travis CI and reviewed by the core team, they will be merged.

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