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check process redis_node
with pidfile /var/vcap/sys/run/redis_node/
start program "/var/vcap/jobs/redis_node/bin/redis_node_ctl start"
stop program "/var/vcap/jobs/redis_node/bin/redis_node_ctl stop"
group vcap
service = "redis"
plan_enabled = properties.service_plans && properties.service_plans.send(service.to_sym)
plan = properties.plan || "free"
plan_conf = plan_enabled && properties.service_plans.send(service.to_sym).send(plan.to_sym).configuration
if properties.service_lifecycle and plan_enabled and plan_conf.lifecycle and plan_conf.lifecycle.enable
worker_count = plan_conf.lifecycle.worker_count || 1
worker_count.times do |ind|
check process redis_worker_<%= ind %>
with pidfile /var/vcap/sys/run/redis_node/redis_worker_<%= ind %>.pid
start program "/var/vcap/jobs/redis_node/bin/redis_worker_ctl start <%= ind %>"
stop program "/var/vcap/jobs/redis_node/bin/redis_worker_ctl stop <%= ind %>"
group worker
group vcap
depends on redis_node
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