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bump ccng

Alex Suraci & Dennis Schmidt (1):
      support token without user_id (for clients authenticating directly)

April Yu, Bleicke and Tim Labeeuw (1):
      Adding tests for PR

Bleicke and Jesse Zhang (5):
      proper errors when there's no service auth token
      Merge branch 'pr1'
      Include space_guid in service provisioning requests
      Set a proper message bus in AppStager specs
      Remove dead code

Bleicke and Tim Labeeuw (2):
      Remove deprecated should syntax [finishes #43692899]
      Fix a potential id conflict in users

Brad Midgley (2):
      Refactor CFAdmin to honor scoped admin
      update validation key from uaa

David Sabeti & Pat Bozeman (5):
      fix syntastic warning
      make runtime model consistent with frameworks
      Squash all migrations into a single migration
      make db driver used by specs configurable
      mysql support for ccng

David Sabeti, Matt Boedicker and Max Brunsfeld (1):
      Add tests for & refactor token signature checking code

Dennis Schmidt (1):
      fix setup_yeti script to work with changed uaa console output

Frank Lu (1):
      Unify label_and_version in legacy_service_gateway apis

Jeff Li (3):
      [FIX] 'active' column won't be updated in ccng_db
      Support query services with the 'active' parameter
      Add test cases for parameterized queries

Jesse Zhang (13):
      made MessageBus a class
      made ResourcePool a class
      fix non-deterministic test failure by clearing out db
      perform app staging from App model
      indent App model
      move app state change specs into App model specs
      move app staging conditionals around
      add AppStager.stage_app_async to be used with streaming staging logs
      made AppStager.staging_request specs a bit better
      use real method signatures on MockMessageBus
      use async staging for apps when stage_async flag is used with PUT v2/apps/:id

Jesse Zhang and Maria Shaldibina (1):
      Don't restage an app if environment changes

Matthew Boedicker and Max Brunsfeld (2):
      Remove pairs file
      Further simplify UAA token-signing logic

Max Brunsfeld and Patrick Bozeman (1):
      make v1 snapshots work over all visible services

Tony Hansmann & Patrick Bozeman (1):
      allow v1 files api to work accross spaces

cf-frameworks (2):
      Merge pull request #7 from cloudfoundry/brad_2
      Merge pull request #4 from bluesalt/active_services

kushmerick (2):
      Merge pull request #8 from cloudfoundry/sean_1
      Merge pull request #5 from mflu/master

seanzhao (1):
      add support for ccng to return a url for upload snapshot

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