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bump legacy cc, remove legacy hm

    git shortlog dcc038eebd7c9dfb34ef0130c5b295117ece4d47..b9d937b7fbda6a23287199b31c2481685b6e2ab1
        Bob Nugmanov and Dmitriy Kalinin (4):
              bump rspec to 2.12.0
              bump mocha to 0.13.2
              bump rails to 3.0.20
              remove legacy health manager

Change-Id: Iaef803673a8b90267775685096feb69868c1e05a
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1 parent 00a77a2 commit 91dc378c403140a428ca3eefa02c41773e9770df @bnugmanov bnugmanov committed Jan 30, 2013
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