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git shortlog fd2c6a1bc09..0af33b43575

Chunjie (1):
      sync README with dev template manifest

Figo Feng (1):
      Merge "sync README with dev template manifest"

Frank Lu (2):
      [services-ng] refine code of postgresql service
      [services-ng] fix bug of connect_timeout in pg_timeout

Harshawardhan Gadgil (1):
      Bump vcap-services-base (with update to mpgw spec helper)

Jim Apperly (1):
      Update LICENSE and NOTICE

Max Brunsfeld and Patrick Bozeman (1):
      apply tmpdir fix to ng version of mongodb

Patrick Bozeman (1):
      Merge branch 'master' of

andyzh (1):
      [service-ng]Add rabbit snapshot and serialization

Change-Id: I7fd05f87c0db28074be33843330f0e67d14898ed
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1 parent 83f504e commit f8d48a56ca982db7b4be66c749124f67a1ee8c9e Max Brunsfeld and Patrick Bozeman committed with pbozeman Feb 13, 2013
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-Subproject commit fd2c6a1bc090e0464e4ad359ee1e00c9218d7930
+Subproject commit 0af33b435751357ed099938833e1c578832efb6f

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