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Bump src/loggregator

  Loggregator CI:
     Create final release
     Create final release
     Merge final release artifacts
  Johanna Smith:
     Retry on Run when connections unavailable
     Add integration test for firehose-reliability-tests
     Move logspinner to loggregator-tools repo
  Eno Compton:
     Remove dead code in doppler/internal/groupedsinks
     Remove dead code from sink manager
     Update sink manager documentation
     Pass interface into grpc listener, not type
     Minor documentation changes
     Organize doppler.go to help further cleanup
     Remove private start method from doppler.go
     Remove outdated and inaccurate doppler
     Resolve Ginkgo warning
     Move syslog package out of doppler/internal/sinks
     Combine syslog and syslogwriter packages in doppler
     Remove tiny subpackage doppler/internal/sinks/retrystrategy
     Remove tiny subpackage doppler/internal/sinks/dump
     Remove tiny subpackage doppler/internal/containermetric
     Remove dead code from doppler/internal/listeners
     Use consistent naming for test
     Delete TODO.txt
     Move interface declaration out of its own file
     Remove tiny subpackage doppler/app/config
     Correct compilation error
     Remove tiny subpackages from doppler/internal/sinkserver
     Sync package specs
     Remove tiny subpackages in doppler/internal/groupedsinks
  Jason Keene:
     Return error on Run if no connections are available
  Adam Hevenor:
     Updated metrics README
     Operator Guide Edits
     Adding in Operator Guidebook and Loggregator tools
     Loggregator Operator Guide update
     Loggregator Operator Guide
  Brady Love:
     Add helper method to doppler to get listener addresses
  Andrew Poydence:
     Allow doppler to be stopped
     Create constructor for doppler that allows for options
  Wesley Jeanette:
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