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Commits on Nov 28, 2012
  1. @kowshik @pbozeman

    Increase staging timeouts to 300.

    kowshik committed with pbozeman Nov 28, 2012
    Change-Id: I944a304fd3d1c46ab46a9f6320c0c3cf4316ab63
  2. @pbozeman

    squashed merge of ccng-side-by-side to master

    pbozeman committed Nov 26, 2012
    cloud_controller_ng shortlog c012225..c810a01
    Jesse Zhang (50):
          MessageBus.subscribe with inbox
          Ignore yardoc rbenv and OS X metadata files
          Merge "MessageBus.subscribe with inbox"
          Legacy bulk api support
          Merge "Legacy bulk api support"
          custom json matcher
          Start and stop instances
          respond_with matcher
          Process Health Manager requests
          Minor fixes to doc / comments
          Validate state and package_state for an app
          update_uris for dea client
          Deserialize environment json on attribute read
          Mark for staging after touching app
          mark app for restage when BUNDLE_WITHOUT changes
          Refactor legacy app request translation
          Separate update and create request translations
          Fix typo in test case name
          Merge changes Idc3a26f0,Ie706a708,I36da969b,I0baf2c1a,I7ed32223,I423aebf2
          Merge changes I997e0c70,I7402710c,Ic89990aa
          Legacy apps env support
          Mandatory bulk_api in config
          Add test for cc_partition
          Merge "Legacy apps env support"
          Add test for legacy apps api read
          Decode UAA tokens when it looks like one
          [fix] Health Manager stop request
          Ensure app is staged before talking to DEA
          respond_with RSpec Matcher
          Merge changes I6092f7e2,Icf383aac
          [fix] Stub out app stager before each model test
          after_modify hook for model api
          dea_update_pending? on app objects
          Update DEA when an app's associated routes change
          Update DEA when a route's associated apps change
          nginx upload offloading
          nginx X-Accel for staged droplet download
          nginx offloading
          distinct end points for droplet download / upload
          Merge changes I95c91f7e,I30cde51d
          [tests] composable config-override
          Return 501 when gateways do not support lifecycle
          Use old files url when serving files from CC
          Properly encode tail param in query string
          Use local bind address
          World readable runtimes, frameworks and services
          serialization data service API support
          Require presence of auth token for gateways
          Authenticate requests to list_handles
          [fix] Fix list_handles authentication
    Kowshik Prakasam (65):
          Implemented MessageBus#request.
          Added DeaClient.dea_request, .dea_publish methods.
          Implement DeaClient.find_specific_instance.
          Implement DeaClient.get_file_url
          Use '/' in exceptions when path is nil.
          Implement Files API.
          Add files wrapper for legacy apps.
          Add cc_partition flag to DEA start messages.
          Add timeout option to MessageBus.request.
          Implement DeaClient.find_instances.
          Minor styling fix.
          Define StatsError.
          Implement DeaClient.find_stats.
          Implement stats API.
          Styling fixes.
          Add stats wrapper for legacy apps.
          Improve test description.
          Clean up unit tests by using mock DeaClient.
          Check indices of instances in NATS response.
          Define class HealthManagerClient.
          DeaClient.find_instances allows MessageBus options
          Define InstancesError.
          Implement DeaClient.find_all_instances
          Implement V2 'instances' REST API endpoint.
          Add 'instances' wrapper for legacy apps.
          Fix styling.
          In files API, send path to DEA via NATS.
          Replace credentials with tuple.
          Fix styling.
          Add LegacyApiBase#has_default_space? method.
          Add helper to create user without default space.
          Don't return account usage if no default space.
          Fix typo.
          Add D100 filter for /info/services end-point.
          Prep files API for file server redirection.
          Use default values for credentials.
          Replace "url" with "uri".
          Remove obsolete comment.
          Fix bug that causes subscription on nil.
          Invert if block condition for better readability.
          In files API, redirect to file uri v2.
          Re-order tests to improve readability.
          Implement HealthManagerClient.find_crashes
          Implement crashes API.
          Add 'crashes' wrapper for legacy apps.
          Merge "Implement HealthManagerClient.find_crashes"
          Merge "Implement crashes API."
          Merge "Add 'crashes' wrapper for legacy apps."
          Refactor files API to improve readability.
          Catch HTTP 416 response from dea file server.
          Flag to override stopped state for app stats.
          Refactor v2 stats API to allow app stopped state.
          Allow stopped state in legacy stats API.
          Send email to service gateway during provision.
          Clear request guid in steno logging after request.
          Fix crashes API spec.
          Merge "Fix crashes API spec."
          Add play framework.
          Merge "Add play framework."
          Bump steno to include fix for ephemeral IO errors.
          NATS timeout in DeaClient.find_specific_instance
          Don't subscribe when no messages are expected.
          Publish droplet.updated when an app is updated.
          Make healthy_instances call work for multiple apps
    Patrick Bozeman (220):
          remove service_id from service_instance
          accept empty attributes in an api message
          disallow space dev to update service binding
          provision/deprovision service instance with gw
          split label and version for legacy gw handle api
          bind and unbind on sg
          throw correct domain errors
          clarify spec desc for enumeration with perms
          refactored org permission checks
          remove duplicated method
          permissions for domains
          update new cc <-> gw message format
          require hm respondent
          pass mbus subscribe options down to nats
          v2 route api
          import/export routes in app
          Models::App uris method
          allow setting guid relations on unsaved objects
          legacy app api uri support
          send correct uris to dea on app start
          allow admins to create shared domains
          move migrator out of initial migration
          add default serving domain to org on create
          inherit shared domains from org on space creation
          switch legacy apps spec to use default domain
          add explicit org ownership to a route
          stronger relation validation for routes
          better translation of errors for InvalidRelations
          lookup route via visible routes in legacy apps
          fix env encoding for legacy app api
          send updated_at in hm bulk api
          add version to bulk hm api export
          add version check to hm bulk api spec
          correctly parse hm bulk api resume id
          use partition in hm subscription
          save app after updating droplet hash from stager
          correct encoding of id and token in bulk api
          fix app key_changed?
          send env as array with = to dea and stager
          Merge "send env as array with = to dea and stager"
          fix spec desc typo
          send quota event on service binding
          send quota calls on domains
          send quota events for routes
          hm client healthy_instances
          return running instances via legacy api
          fix message format of hm flapping status call
          yeti setup script
          :case_insensitive support for sequel Strings
          turn down debug logs for specs
          convert named things to be case insensitive
          Merge "turn down debug logs for specs"
          Merge "convert named things to be case insensitive"
          fix TEAM-59: add node08 to config
          fix TEAM-58: add legacy service offering endpoint
          Merge "fix TEAM-59: add node08 to config"
          fix TEAM-60: send 404 instead of 400
          fix team-61: allow model/stack during app create
          explict test for exception processing on the mbus
          pass staging client errors correctly back to ccng
          stop apps on deletion
          Merge "explict test for exception processing on the mbus"
          Merge "pass staging client errors correctly back to ccng"
          Merge "stop apps on deletion"
          Merge "[fix] Health Manager stop request"
          fix stopping instances vs indices in dea client
          send svc provider and vendor to dea on app start
          re-enable state on app create
          bump em to 1.0.0
          ruby 1.9.3 compatability changes
          delete staged droplets on app deletion
          send old style svc label-version to stager
          include uaa token in security context
          legacy users api
          legacy get /services/:name
          support creation of N users for parallel yeti.
          add metadata to app model
          add command= to app model
          import command for apps and export metadata
          send app metadata to stager
          legacy app api stand alone command support
          remove metadata from v2 api
          add console support to app model
          add console support to dea client start msg
          add console support to app api
          range support for non-nginx version of files api
          Merge "range support for non-nginx version of files api"
          comment out dea v2 file url support
          get console support check correct
          Merge "comment out dea v2 file url support"
          Merge "get console support check correct"
          remove gratuitous stub in specs
          Merge "AppPackage.delete_package"
          Merge "remove gratuitous stub in specs"
          delete app packages on app deletion
          extra debug logging in hm respondent
          extra logging in resource pool
          don't leak exceptions into em defer
          Merge "nginx upload offloading"
          Merge "nginx X-Accel for staged droplet download"
          bump vcap_common
          Revert "nginx upload offloading"
          Revert "nginx X-Accel for staged droplet download"
          add basic varz for our sinatra apis
          Merge "s/v1_api/redirect_ok."
          Merge "Revert "nginx upload offloading""
          Merge "Revert "nginx X-Accel for staged droplet download""
          Merge "bump vcap_common"
          Merge "add basic varz for our sinatra apis"
          Merge "Fix bug that causes subscription on nil."
          basic varz support for sequel
          turn on varz for sequel
          fix db setup bug
          change sample config to default to localhost
          Merge "change sample config to default to localhost"
          don't abandon a qm token if we failed to commit it
          add vcap request id to thread local storage
          send vcap request id to qm during quota calls
          tell sequel gem to keep name, etc as strings
          send service config to gw when it enumerates handles
          Merge "tell sequel gem to keep name, etc as strings"
          Merge "send service config to gw when it enumerates handles"
          migrate svc instance and binding data to json
          fix/finalize legacy crashes api
          Merge "migrate svc instance and binding data to json"
          Merge "fix/finalize legacy crashes api"
          bump steno
          vcap ring buffer
          return ringbuffer or recent errors in varz
          extra debugging in base model controller
          optimize serialized relations_hash
          refactor spec env setup into a helper class
          speed up model specs
          move spec setting of quota mgr to always be blind
          remove reset_db from common api tests
          remove reset_db from permission tests
          remove reset_database from legacy_apps_spec
          remove reset_db from legacy_bulk before :each
          remove reset_db from legacy info
          speedup collection tests
          misc speedups for api unit tests
          dea client spec speedup
          minor timestamp spec speedup
          improved domain validation regex
          remove old template_obj from model specs
          make model deserialization spec helper more robust
          guard config for ccng
          add wildcard flag to domains
          calculate intermediate domains for a domain name
          overlapping domain validation checks
          keep relation depth in next/prev pagination urls
          use caller supplied request guid if it exists
          always paginate in a known order
          return error code 100 (in body) on bad auth token
          wildcard domain support for routes
          domain wildcard removal policy
          white space fixup
          fix domain permission check for system domains
          fix inverted wildcard logic
          refactor shared domain creation
          support multiple serving domains
          add shared_domains subset
          don't allow using the shared domains directly
          use destroy in specs to allow sequel hooks to run
          shared domain inheritance and visibility for orgs
          fix legacy route mapping
          Merge "Updated set_yeti to work with version UAA client 1.2.4"
          nil host route spec fixup
          move route ownership from org to space
          fix space domain test
          fix domain spec typo
          minor reorg of domain model spec
          add more domain auto-association tests
          change instance of spec delete to destroy
          better cleanup in collection specs and use shared domains in org spec
          auto-associate owned domains with their org
          Merge branch 'custom_domains'
          fix route migration for existing routes
          add billing flag to org
          optionaly disable model tests
          only run uniqueness tests if needed
          be explict with model requires
          initial billing event model
          make object serialization configurable
          initial billing events api
          remove old quota manager calls
          alias org billing_enabled?
          emit app start/stop billing events
          emit service create/delete events
          emit org billing start events
          add required start/end date params to billing api
          s/id/guid for billing events
          org summary endpoint
          space summary endpoint
          app summary endpoint
          remove bad export on service plan
          Health and framework/runtime info for space summary
          add health to app summary
          fix return from healthy_instances
          enhance space space summary
          add new style runtime config file support
          add new style framework config file support
          switch to loading new format rt and fw
          remove old legacy frameworks config
          refactor DeaClient.get_file_uri
          don't expose v1 dea uri on a fetch failure
          extract get_file_uri_for_search_param in files api
          s/instance_id/instance in files_spec
          add instance_id search param to files api
          send fw and rt info in staging messages
          send fw info in dea messages
    Ryan Tang (1):
          Updated set_yeti to work with version UAA client 1.2.4
    dea_next shortlog ed1e551..1362250
    Anfernee Gui (2):
          Generate private id for running instance
          Merge "Generate private id for running instance"
    Kowshik Prakasam (33):
          Move deaClient and common code to separate files.
          Remove unwanted symbol exports.
          Ignore write errors when client has disconnected.
          Move file streaming API to separate file.
          Do case sensitive check on tail query parameter.
          Add comments.
          Re-order method definition for better readability.
          Merge "Move deaClient and common code to separate files."
          Merge "Remove unwanted symbol exports."
          Merge "Ignore write errors when client has disconnected."
          Merge "Move file streaming API to separate file."
          Merge "Do case sensitive check on tail query parameter."
          Merge "Add comments."
          Merge "Re-order method definition for better readability."
          Dont use pointers for slices.
          Change application_id from Integer to String.
          Deprecate application_users but preserve it in env
          Default value for path when generating file uri v2.
          Pass empty tags in dir server registration.
          Revert "Lazily fill runtimes hash"
          Use line comments instead of block comments.
          Fix comment.
          Access type http.Header through its API.
          Refactor to prepare code for byte range queries.
          Close file handles.
          Implement handler for http range queries.
          Better err message when runner cant read config.
          Improve comments.
          Merge branch 'master' into ccng-integration
          Fix seek constant.
          Merge branch 'master' into revert_runtime_changes
          Revert "Runtime messages now use the version_output attribute"
          Merge branch 'master' into revert_runtime_changes
    Patrick Bozeman (1):
          Merge branch 'master' into ccng-integration
    Pieter Noordhuis (38):
          Update vcap_common
          Update steno
          Remove unused code
          Use real and absolute path to tmpdir
          Add cc_partition attribute to instance
          Explicitly stringify environment pairs
          Update service schema
          Handle nils in runtime environments
          Runtime messages now use the version_output attribute
          Stringify droplet attribute for incoming messages
          Merge "Runtime messages now use the version_output attribute"
          Merge "Stringify droplet attribute for incoming messages"
          Stringify droplet attribute in more places
          Undo 75937ab0, fall back on 'instance_ids'
          Merge branch 'master' into ccng-integration
          Fix crash reaping
          Remove unused dependency
          Change crash reaper specs to hit the disk
          Schedule callback after reaping crash from thread
          Reap crashes when disk gets full
          Merge branch 'master' into ccng-integration
          Revert "Merge branch 'master' into ccng-integration"
          Update em-warden-client
          Close warden connections after destroy
          Load snapshot before connecting to NATS
          Compatibility with WIP version of warden
          Update eventmachine to 1.0.0 and use epoll
          Write spec logs to stderr
          Add coding directive
          Update em-http-request to 1.0.3
          Behavior of EM::Connection#error? changed
          Don't attempt to connect when health check is done
          Include reason in log message when crash is reaped
          Create crashes path at start time
          Update warden dependencies
          Update steno dependency
          Pass resource limits directly to warden
          Move generic warden functionality to base class
    warden shortlog d8b0a93d6..b5ab5fc24
    Bob Nugmanov (2):
          Whitelist safe devices
          Merge "Whitelist safe devices"
    Kowshik Prakasam (9):
          Create work path before specs start.
          Resource limits for run and spawn commands.
          Plumb resource limits from warden server to wsh.
          Specify optional handle when creating a container.
          Introduce container id.
          Custom handle for create command.
          Return list of alive job ids in info response.
          Populate info response with list of alive job ids.
          Don't special case iomux-link exit status.
    Pieter Noordhuis (77):
          First stab at warden shell
          Extract client_loop from client_accept
          Use CLOEXEC on pipes
          Dynamically allocate buffer space
          Enhance pump code
          Move hooks
          Change to right directory
          Remove unnecessary interpolation syntax
          Assert number of fds to receive
          Use extra fd for exit status
          Configure network interfaces from hooks
          Force link creation
          Update start/stop to use warden shell
          Mount /proc from hook
          Remove SSH related setup code
          Remove overrides now that upstart is no longer used
          Trim down
          Move to lib/
          Change mount paths; include config from
          Ignore wshc and wshd
          Select for reads, block for writes
          Forward return value
          Skip fd extraction on EOF
          Skip fd extraction when pointer is not specified
          Add copy in case splice cannot be used
          Support interactive terminals
          Define buffer size in msg.h
          Fix number of fds to send to client
          Specify environment on exec
          Extract fork to separate function
          Forward argv to wshd
          Forward resource limits to wshd
          Remove unused files
          Rename wshc -> wsh
          Configurable process title for wshd
          Add run directory to skeleton
          Remove no longer required code from
          Add option parsing to wsh to discard rsh options
          Update destroy script
          Fix fcntl error (F_SETFD vs F_SETFL)
          Set FD_CLOEXEC on client connection
          Undefine macro that is only used once
          Loop waitpid in wshd
          Forward user from RSH compatibility mode to wshd
          Add route for default gateway from hook
          Make stop script graceful again
          Fix regexp for matching tc output
          Modify server code to use wsh
          Remove the RLIMIT_RTTIME resource limit
          Copy wshd and wsh from setup task
          Break from waitpid loop when it -1 or 0
          Use -l flag to su to chdir to HOME
          Loop to write entire buffer
          Merge branch 'master' into wsh2
          Use /tmp/warden/spec as working directory for specs
          Use small buffer on stack instead of heap
          Change temporary directory used in container code
          Change user via wsh/wshd
          Fix setup task
          Use perror
          Setup rudimentary environment from wshd
          Pass logger to deferred child to preserve handle
          Use external utility to close non-default fds
          Update em-posix-spawn
          Merge branch 'master' into wsh2
          Update dependencies
          Combine resource limits in configuration and requests
          Remove unused code
          Close in/out/err in wshd when entering accept loop
          Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/wsh2' into wsh2
          Merge branch 'wsh2'
          RLIMIT_AS must be specified in bytes
          Configure write side of pump pair to be blocking
          Merge "Configure write side of pump pair to be blocking"
          Remove dependency on vcap-common
          Update eventmachine to 1.0.0
          Whitelist ptty related devices
    Yang Yang (1):
          make setquota optional
    Change-Id: I2ebb9fae3fa7b16e1698a84b2edde5436c093350
Commits on Nov 4, 2012
  1. @dsyer

    Fix external tokens iteration

    dsyer committed Nov 4, 2012
    The `cloud_controller.yml.erb` needs to iterate over
    `properties.external_service_tokens`.  This change
    fixes a bug where it would ignore that property because
    the `erb` syntax is wrong (assumes the property
    dereferences to a hash but it doesn't).
    Change-Id: I00ac0083144c1e2f36fb2e92f3c842a817383223
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Bosh packaging for Marketplace Gateway

    Harshawardhan Gadgil committed Sep 18, 2012
    Change-Id: I050eddfad8a31fb671e3e2715d6c2f1a1d232a02
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
  1. Remove CC staging capability

    Jennifer Hickey committed Sep 4, 2012
    - Remove CC staging config options
    - Remove platform staging config file
    - Remove setup of secure users
    - Bump CC pointer to include removal of staging
    git shortlog f3158e1b..147ece8f
    Jennifer Hickey (2):
          Remove staging capabilities
          Merge "Remove staging capabilities"
    Change-Id: Iaa0a672376c01d258d88dd839173cd4bfb7335f2
Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. @pbozeman

    Revert "adding cc_partition to templates"

    pbozeman committed Sep 9, 2012
    This reverts commit f14cac4.
    Change-Id: Idd89053bbb6dc7b458fc2e1bec8d94f2608645bc
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. @pbozeman

    Merge "don't include ccng .git directory in ccng package"

    pbozeman committed with Gerrit Code Review Sep 7, 2012
Commits on Aug 31, 2012
  1. Improve process for adding runtimes and frameworks Part 1

    Jennifer Hickey committed Aug 29, 2012
    - Merge common runtime info into runtimes.yml file
    - Remove runtime info from cc config
    - Remove unused app_server and staged_services
    fields from CC manifests
    - Bump CC pointer to include processing of runtimes.yml
    git shortlog f2c60333..a1ce3d3a
    Andrew Liu (1):
          [CC] generate service tags at runtime
    Jennifer Hickey (1):
          Improve process for adding runtimes and frameworks
    Change-Id: Id4d6e36d31728df7cc3b277cb930cb909bfcf953
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. @bnugmanov

    adding cc_partition to templates

    bnugmanov committed Aug 1, 2012
    Change-Id: I45c6aa9eeb922bbb169c211b74b29c7268c87285
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
  1. @bnugmanov

    change cc log level to "info", parametrize it.

    bnugmanov committed Aug 20, 2012
    changed the log level for cc and rails from "debug" to "info".
    Additionally, the log levels can now be explicitly controlled by the
    deployment manifest using `` and
    ``, respectively.
    Change-Id: Ie2377f2dbde9b2705458dd5fbb6849f2b922e0f3
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Use HTTPS for all traffic to the UAA

    joeldsa committed Aug 17, 2012
    Change-Id: Id33a4ddc9b40b47e26124481d778f667be2b4398
Commits on Aug 7, 2012
  1. @kushmerick

    Merge "refactor import_from_data API and bump pointers"

    kushmerick committed with Gerrit Code Review Aug 7, 2012
Commits on Aug 6, 2012
  1. refactor import_from_data API and bump pointers

    Frank Lu committed Jul 6, 2012
     1) refactor import_from_data of service lifecycle
     2) bump pointers of CC, Core, Services
          == bump core
          git shortlog e845c..2fa030
          Chloe Jackson (2):
                Update README to include Bug filing info per Deepika
                Merge "Update README to include Bug filing info per Deepika"
          Eagle Chen (2):
                [dev_setup] Audit mysql long transactions
                [dev_setup] Reset mysql max_connections property
          Figo Feng (5):
                Merge "[dev_setup] Audit mysql long transactions"
                Merge "[dev_setup] Reset mysql max_connections property"
                Merge "remove unnecessary customization for two gateways"
                Merge "remove ip_route in vblob_node.yml"
                Merge "Store default exclusion list in a single place"
          Frank Lu (1):
                [dev_setup] remove ip_route in postgresql_node.yml
          Haipeng Wu (7):
                [dev_setup] Add nginx in front of cc
                [dev_setup] Bug fix: uaa can't start in dev_setup
                Merge "[dev_setup] Add nginx in front of cc"
                [dev_setup] Make dev_setup use stager process
                [dev_setup] fix 504 error running bvt in dev_setup
                [dev_setup] delete .rvmrc in dev_setup
                Merge "[dev_setup] delete .rvmrc in dev_setup"
          Harshawardhan Gadgil (7):
                Merge branch 'master' into sversions
                Devsetup to support multiple versions of mongodb (1.8.5 and 2.0.6)
                Merge master branch to sversions
                Start mongo 2.0 with journalling disabled
                Store default exclusion list in a single place
                Merge branch 'sversions'
                Merge "Merge branch 'sversions'"
          Henry-CF (1):
                remove unnecessary customization for two gateways
          Jeff Li (3):
                Fixed a bug that occurs when installing echo server.
                Fix the bug when dev_setup running in 32-bit boxes
                Merge "Fix the bug when dev_setup running in 32-bit boxes"
          Jennifer Hickey (4):
                Allow user to override RAILS_ENV and RACK_ENV
                Merge "Allow user to override RAILS_ENV and RACK_ENV"
                Remove java submodule
                Merge "Remove java submodule"
          Yang Yang (2):
                remove ip_route in vblob_node.yml
                rename 'vblob 1.0' to 'blob 0.51'; fix mongodb versioning issue
          felixhoo (1):
                Add default plan for dev_setup
          figof (2):
                include rabbit fix to dev_setup
                bump tests
          == bump cloud_controller
          git shortlog eaef6adb1..3c92a6148f
          Frank Lu (1):
                [CC] refactor import_from_data API
          Tang Rui (2):
                [CC] Use new provision response format
                Merge "[CC] Use new provision response format"
          figof (1):
                support service token roration
          == bump services
          git shortlog 45380e9769..deb59792b8
          Frank Lu (1):
                refactor import_from_data API
          Tang Rui (2):
                Delete needless enable instance line in rebalance tool
                Use new provision response format
    Change-Id: I359b31c1e37534435cc0f6f873dc3fccc5b24cd4
Commits on Aug 4, 2012
  1. support service token rotation

    figof committed Jul 31, 2012
    Change-Id: Id2b569a00cc18d881e133ebd99fc6ef5be309ca6
Commits on Jul 30, 2012
  1. rename 'vblob-1.0' to 'blob 0.51'

    figof committed Jun 27, 2012
    bump services and cloud_controller
    $ git shortlog b33ba3a880f74a15699f19fbebc953ea7659a36b..45380e97690c7e31a4fbb8f9cf08c0012c6ad9da
    Eagle Chen (1):
          Fix config parsing bug for kill_long_tx
    Frank Lu (2):
          Remove unnessary code of quota enforcement
          Merge "Remove unnessary code of quota enforcement"
    Tang Rui (1):
          Update to use latest vcap-services-base gem
    Yang Yang (1):
          modify supported versions for vblob
    $ git shortlog 3bddfb30ebd2bcf1a323447ac30e709dbee0b694..eaef6adb1bc9fc64bf609ac1db9b9f839a40507c
    Chloe Jackson (2):
          Update README to include Bug filing info per Deepika
          Merge "Update README to include Bug filing info per Deepika"
    Yang Yang (1):
          rename 'vblob 1.0' to 'blob 0.51'
    Change-Id: Ic7546b678af3d713532914af44373b3fd40c1701
Commits on Jul 13, 2012
  1. @mariash

    Add node08 runtime with Node.js 0.8.2

    mariash committed Jun 29, 2012
    Change-Id: I89787d3586639a3292acb047341b7e6ad06708d1
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
  1. @trisberg

    Adding Java 7 support

    trisberg committed Jun 10, 2012
     - modifying bosh templates to support new Java 7 runtime
     - adding Java 7 as runtime for standalone apps
     - adding Java 7 as runtime for jvm based web frameworks
     - adding Java 7 package
     - adding Java 7 blobs
     - bump submodule pointer of core to "Adding Java 7 support"
    Change-Id: I0981f06f87bc940b0dd4cec41e9c2a99989cfac5
Commits on May 22, 2012
  1. Initial Commit - memcached bosh packaging

    Harshawardhan Gadgil committed May 22, 2012
    - Added libevent and memcache tarballs to blobs
    - Updated blobs to include memcached and libevent src tarballs
    - submodule pointer bump
    Change-Id: Ia375b1b34eb9b10b0966e3d0f7e722366a4255d4
Commits on May 16, 2012
  1. @olegshaldybin

    Migrate ccdb_postgres -> new postgres template

    olegshaldybin committed Feb 16, 2012
    New postgres template is more generic and can be used
    by all of ccdb, uaadb and acmdb jobs. Deployment manifest
    should be updated in order to pick that change up.
    Manifest changes:
    1. use 'postgres' template in place of 'ccdb_postgres'
    2. add property called 'db' to job-specific properties of every
       job using 'postgres' template. Property value should be a valid
       property name defined in the manifest, e.g.
       - template: postgres
           db: ccdb
         ccdb: ...
    3. use well-formed properties section that can be picked up by
       'postgres' template, e.g.
          port: 5524
          - tag: admin
            name: ccadmin
            password: tauBauWauZZb2
          - tag: cc
            name: appcloud
       Please note that jobs consuming these properties should be able
       to locate role and database they need by traversing these properties
       and picking appropriate tags.
    Change-Id: Ia1ff451bbcf3bb33ac35e3b7410323d0d7a7e65d
  2. @bnugmanov

    [hm2][hm_shadow] Add health_manager_next (hm2), hm_shadow

    bnugmanov committed May 8, 2012
    adding job/, package/, submodule health_manager_next
    In this commit, nothing is shadowing-specific. In current
    configuration, hm-2 will default to shadowing functionality, unless
    explicitly overriden.
    Also adjusts bulk_api-related configurations in cloud controller
    Change-Id: Ie29ed87d06ccd47d3afd0d7ec3c7d93c7b593298
Commits on May 4, 2012
  1. @kushmerick

    Manual squashed merge of the services-r10 branch.

    kushmerick committed May 3, 2012
    Not done using 'git merge' to work around the gerrit/merge issue.
    Also bumped cf-release/src/{services,vblob_src,tools}, and made
    debian_nfs_server no_root_squash configurable from the manifest.
    Change-Id: Ib689f169a3798f4421bdcabe74ff0b012819ecbf
Commits on Apr 18, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    UAA Phase4 changes to release

    joeldsa committed Apr 6, 2012
    Change-Id: I7560d066bcf6ca85c0faa66511e7d5f4fd601639
Commits on Apr 5, 2012
  1. @olegshaldybin

    Initial commit

    olegshaldybin committed Apr 4, 2012
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