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Commits on Aug 29, 2012
  1. @seansweda

    Merge branch 'built'

    seansweda committed
  2. @seansweda

    Release 99

    seansweda committed
    Change-Id: If7e33347fb1b3bd41cdb72bb88224fda168a5182
  3. Merge "Support modular sinatra apps"

    Jennifer Hickey committed with Gerrit Code Review
Commits on Aug 28, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Merge "Update the UAA to 1.1.2"

    joeldsa committed with Gerrit Code Review
  2. @ryantang

    Merge "Updating dashboard job to send logs to syslog aggregator."

    ryantang committed with Gerrit Code Review
  3. @joeldsa

    Update the UAA to 1.1.2

    joeldsa committed
    Chloe Jackson (1):
          Updates for IE
    Dale Olds (1):
          Added support for --vmc option to uaac
    Dave Syer (3):
          Update the version tags for 1.1.2
          CFID-410: remove clients to override config for bootstrap
          CFID-410: move override flag to client config map
    Change-Id: Ie0e0d7c95c545c129f49270aeffb4235957cabe8
  4. @pietern

    Disable IPv6 for dea_next

    pietern committed
    Change-Id: If3e751f21077b7069f0429e324a1d528fd61e3b3
  5. @pxie

    Merge "add yeti as submodule of cf-release"

    pxie committed with Gerrit Code Review
  6. @gabis

    Merge branch 'built'

    gabis committed
  7. @gabis

    Release 98

    gabis committed
    Change-Id: I7304f0b02113b3f9d2a89e845c02126a4fe8a8d8
Commits on Aug 27, 2012
  1. @ryantang

    Updating dashboard job to send logs to syslog aggregator.

    ryantang committed
    Change-Id: Id71952af0be0710b9fd6e8650c6a33c52b58c071
Commits on Aug 24, 2012
  1. Merge "Bump service pointer"

    Patrick Bozeman committed with Gerrit Code Review
  2. @bnugmanov

    submodule bump:

    bnugmanov committed
    tools/utils/git-shortlog-recursive f0b06f2
        git shortlog f0b06f2..HEAD
            Bob Nugmanov (1):
                  submodule bump
            Maria Shaldybina (1):
                  Update ImageMagick to 6.7.9-0
        git shortlog d4319070a791ffc40b87eee61006c6debee0a631..f2c60333b84d221f3b35d3482819244cab562bb3
            Bob Nugmanov (2):
                  bulk_api: simplify
                  cc_partition: interpret nil value as default value ("default")
            Dave Syer (1):
                  CF-525: fix mismatch in args for uaa user
            Harshawardhan Gadgil (2):
                  Rename list brokered services as list proxied services
                  Merge "Rename list brokered services as list proxied services"
            Jennifer Hickey (1):
                  Enable console and debug on restarting crashed apps
            Joel D'sa (1):
                  CFID-397-Fetch the public key from the cloud controller
        git shortlog d4493d9db53c779e4e0db501ba9c7e01d6fe0f8c..78a45a8a0408b43645d2bc103da59b5698da8ebc
            Bob Nugmanov (1):
                  bulk_api: simplify
    Change-Id: I15c7a57d15b7631ea9fd7d774e1bc503a921e0c1
  3. Support modular sinatra apps

    Jennifer Hickey committed
    - Detect and run a single file including
    "require sinatra/base", assuming it
    makes a call to run!
    - Apps with more specialized needs
    can package a and be deployed
    as Rack apps
    Change-Id: Ifdd008786065fb0fcb46cf577f0b4c8f9863b914
  4. @andl

    Bump service pointer

    andl committed
    $git shortlog 3cf7337d..0a9d9cb7
    Andrea Campi (1):
          Update service_broker after changes in vcap-services-base:
    Andrew Liu (1):
          bump vcap-service-base gem
    Harshawardhan Gadgil (2):
          Rename BrokeredService -> ProxiedService in service broker
          Initial commit for marketplace code
    Change-Id: I833c3787d812cecac21c254dda00bd9d19687ca5
Commits on Aug 23, 2012
  1. @mariash

    Update ImageMagick to 6.7.9-0

    mariash committed
    - Update IM per security notice [USN-1544-1]
    - Leave IM lib version as 6.7.7 to satisfy RMagick IM version
      verification check
    IM BVTs passed, RMagick satisfied, IM commands print version 6.7.9
    Change-Id: Ie53ce8073385341fe61da4827e22338250047e8e
  2. @pxie

    add yeti as submodule of cf-release

    pxie committed
    using the same format, ""
    Change-Id: Ica2e03f23f426b83af11df793c56ce196db09ebd
    Signed-off-by: Pin Xie <>
Commits on Aug 22, 2012
  1. @ryantang

    Merge branch 'built'

    ryantang committed
  2. @ryantang

    Release 97

    ryantang committed
    Change-Id: Iaa57ac17576e568300d80b0e02a0066ed1dce04e
Commits on Aug 21, 2012
  1. @kowshik

    Merge "BOSH packaging for CCNG."

    kowshik committed with Gerrit Code Review
  2. @kowshik

    BOSH packaging for CCNG.

    kowshik committed
    Change-Id: Ia18bc46a88496d928d39b94f0c5eef30926bf3cf
  3. @andl

    bump CC, dea, HM and services pointer

    andl committed
    enable cc_partition functionality.
    by default, only one partition will be used, named "default".
    No configuration changes are required at this point.
    No change in system behavior to be expected.
    add update_snapshot_name api
    service version configuration becomes mandatory
    $ git shortlog 2676821f..d4319070
    Andrew Liu (2):
          [CC] add update_snapshot_name api support
          bump vcap_common
    Bob Nugmanov (3):
          Allow partitioning of cc
          Merging side-by-side-poc branch back into master.
          Merge "Merging side-by-side-poc branch back into master."
    $ git shortlog ac31866f..3cf7337d
    Andrew Liu (3):
          fix mysql rollback from snapshot function
          bump vcap_common and vcap_services_base
          Merge "bump vcap_common and vcap_services_base"
    Eagle Chen (1):
          Use KILL for killing long transaction
    Frank Lu (1):
          Keep the max conn limitaion after restoring
    Nicholas Kushmerick (2):
          Update Blob service description
          Merge "Update Blob service description"
    $ git shortlog 57eeebe..48960e6a
    Bob Nugmanov (2):
          cc partitioning
          Merging side-by-side-poc branch back into master.
    $ git shortlog 28f1b8d9..d4493d9d
    Bob Nugmanov (8):
          use droplets_analysis config param name
          cancel pending delayed restarts on droplet update
          add dea_tenancy and world_sym utilities
          improve missing_indices calculation.
          dea_tenancy util: show cc_partition
          use Steno instead of VCAP::Logging
          source steno gem from github
    Chloe Jackson (1):
          Update README to include Bug filing info per Deepika
    Change-Id: I6f59acaa4041f2385bd3cfcf3d9e4a3333788c32
  4. @andl

    Merge "add multi versions configurations to all services"

    andl committed with Gerrit Code Review
Commits on Aug 20, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'built'

    Jeffrey Peckham committed
  2. Release 96

    Jeffrey Peckham committed
    Change-Id: I8282cb903854e2045aa6d7d9d1adcaa8a6ed9766
  3. @bnugmanov

    Merge "change cc log level to "info", parametrize it."

    bnugmanov committed with Gerrit Code Review
  4. Merge "Bump cloud_controller, stager, core"

    Jennifer Hickey committed with Gerrit Code Review
  5. Merge branch 'master' into built

    Jeffrey Peckham committed
  6. @bnugmanov

    change cc log level to "info", parametrize it.

    bnugmanov committed
    changed the log level for cc and rails from "debug" to "info".
    Additionally, the log levels can now be explicitly controlled by the
    deployment manifest using `` and
    ``, respectively.
    Change-Id: Ie2377f2dbde9b2705458dd5fbb6849f2b922e0f3
  7. Bump DEA log level to info

    mpage committed
    Change-Id: Ide44463a15a56ba4aa6deab5be6b96ba73c94d50
Commits on Aug 17, 2012
  1. @ryantang
  2. @joeldsa

    Merge "Use HTTPS for all traffic to the UAA"

    joeldsa committed with Gerrit Code Review
  3. @joeldsa

    Merge "Updated the uaa to version 1.1.1"

    joeldsa committed with Gerrit Code Review
  4. Merge "CFID-270: update vmc redirect URL in uaa.yml"

    Dale Olds committed with Gerrit Code Review
  5. @joeldsa

    Use HTTPS for all traffic to the UAA

    joeldsa committed
    Change-Id: Id33a4ddc9b40b47e26124481d778f667be2b4398
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