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jhellan commented Feb 25, 2014

This pull request disables "-Werror" when building nginx. Our custom CPI needs Precise, so that's what our Bosh stemcells use. On Precise, the compiler warns about two unused variables, and "-Werror" makes the build error out.

Up to cf 155, we haven't been building nginx at all, and been setting the ccng.use_nginx flag to false. When that flag disappeared with 3343556, we disabled "-Werror" instead. This shouldn't hurt when building on Lucid, so we're hoping you will approve this pull request.

Jon Kåre Hellan, UNINETT AS, Trondheim, Norway

Hey jhellan!

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dsabeti commented Feb 27, 2014

Hi @jhellan, this change has passed the acceptance tests and has been moved to the Runtime team's backlog for prioritization.

CF Community Pair (@dsabeti & @thecadams )

yudai commented Mar 3, 2014

I think that this issue has been resolved by updating nginx to 1.4.5

jhellan commented Mar 3, 2014

yudai is right. We're now running unpatched cf v160 on a precise stemcell.
I can refresh the patch if people are interested, -Werror may bite again. But I'm fine with dropping it.

@d d closed this Mar 13, 2014
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