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Latest commit 5913042 CAPI CI Bump src/cloud_controller_ng
Bump cloudfoundry/cloud_controller_ng
  Greg Cobb:
     Revert "Expose credentials from v3 service bindings in runtime"
     Revert "Extract system_env_json construction to presenter"
     Revert "ServiceBindingCreate#create takes a type"
     Revert "Support user provided services for v3 service bindings"
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architecture-support/config move config.{guess,sub} files to architecture-support folder
cf-routing-release @ 476c807 Bump src/cf-routing-release
cloud_controller_ng @ bf11ed9 Bump src/cloud_controller_ng
collector @ aaaa360 Bump src/collector, src/dea_next
common Remove unused functions from common utils
consul-release @ 0ad37ff Bump consul-release
dea-hm-workspace @ ce30524 Revert "Bump src/dea-hm-workspace"
etcd-release @ 6e7e9be Bump etcd-release Bump src/
gnatsd @ 7fb5358 Bump src/gnatsd
loggregator @ 97fd2d6 Bump src/loggregator
nats Bump src/cloud_controller_ng, src/collector, src/dea_next
nginx Upgrade Nginx to 1.4.5 [Finishes #61846156]
smoke-tests @ eab9614 Bump src/smoke-tests
statsd-injector @ e7152f1 Bump src/statsd-injector
uaa-release @ 5a94966 UAA Update
confab Pull in consul from consul-release submodule
consul-common Symlink consul-release as a submodule
dea_next Bump src/dea-hm-workspace
etcd-common Bump src/etcd-release
etcd-metrics-server Move etcd-metrics-server to etcd-release
hm9000 Bump src/dea-hm-workspace
uaa Add uaa release.
uaa_utils Add uaa release.
warden Bump src/dea-hm-workspace
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