users pagination parameters are incorrectly named #2

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The help says that the count parameter specifies the number per page:

users [filter] List user accounts
-a | --attributes , output for each user
--start , start of output page
--count , max number per page

It actually appears to refer to the end index. The following command line returns 2 items instead of 1185:

uaac users -a emails --start 1184 --count 1185


@kimahoff Is this tool on the doc team radar at all?

CF Community Pair (@jfoley & @jtuchscherer)

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Yes, thanks for checking. We mention it here:


Seems like this is working now as expected. With three users, running this command:
uaac users -a emails --start 2 --count 2
return two results. According to the bug report (at least as we understand it), we would expect one result. Hence, we assume it has been fixed.

CF Community Pair (@adamstegman & @jtuchscherer )

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