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cfdot is the CF Diego Operator Toolkit, a CLI tool designed to interact with Diego components.

At present, its commands focus on the Diego BBS API, the main public interface to a Diego deployment.

Current Commands

$ cfdot --help
A command-line tool to interact with a Cloud Foundry Diego deployment

  cfdot [command]

Available Commands:
  actual-lrp-groups            List actual LRP groups
  actual-lrp-groups-for-guid   List actual LRP groups for a process guid
  cancel-task                  Cancel task
  cell                         Show the specified cell presence
  cell-state                   Show the specified cell state
  cell-states                  Show cell states for all cells
  cells                        List registered cell presences
  claim-lock                   Claim Locket lock
  claim-presence               Claim Locket presence
  create-desired-lrp           Create a desired LRP
  create-task                  Create a Task
  delete-desired-lrp           Delete a desired LRP
  delete-task                  Delete a Task
  desired-lrp                  Show the specified desired LRP
  desired-lrp-scheduling-infos List desired LRP scheduling infos
  desired-lrps                 List desired LRPs
  domains                      List domains
  help                         Get help on [command]
  locks                        List Locket locks
  lrp-events                   Subscribe to BBS LRP events
  presences                    List Locket presences
  release-lock                 Release Locket lock
  retire-actual-lrp            Retire actual LRP by index and process guid
  set-domain                   Set domain
  task                         Display task
  task-events                  Subscribe to BBS Task events
  tasks                        List tasks in BBS
  update-desired-lrp           Update a desired LRP

  -h, --help   help for cfdot

Use "cfdot [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Running from a BOSH-deployed VM

cfdot is most useful in the context of a running Diego deployment. If you use the generate-deployment-manifest script in diego-release to generate your Diego manifest, cfdot is already available on the BOSH-deployed Diego VMs. To use it:

bosh ssh <DIEGO_JOB>/<INDEX>

The cfdot pre-start script installs the setup script into /etc/profile.d. This setup script does 3 things:

  • Exports environment variables to target the BBS API in the deployment.
  • Puts the cfdot binary on the PATH.
  • Puts a jq binary on the PATH.

Basic Examples

# count the total number of desired instances
$ cfdot desired-lrp-scheduling-infos | jq '.instances' | jq -s 'add'

# show instance counts by state
$ cfdot actual-lrp-groups | jq '.instance, .evacuating | values' | jq -s -r 'group_by(.state)[] | .[0].state + ": " + (length | tostring)'

Building from Source

cfdot requires the Diego BBS client library. If you have already cloned diego-release, you can run the following commands using that diego-release directory as your GOPATH. Alternatively, run these commands with any other GOPATH and go get will automatically fetch the latest BBS code from diego-release.

# Get cfdot and required dependencies
go get
cd src/

# Build for Linux
GOOS=linux go build .

# Build for Mac
GOOS=darwin go build .

# Build for Windows
GOOS=windows go build .

Design Tenets

  • Execution is stateless: configuration is specified either as flags or as environment variables.
  • Conform to UNIX conventions of successful output on stdout and error messages on stderr.
  • For BBS API commands, output is a stream of JSON values, one per line, optimal for processing with jq and suitable for processing with bash and other line-based UNIX utilities.