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package plugin
import ""
Command interface needs to be implemented for a runnable plugin of `cf`
type Plugin interface {
Run(cliConnection CliConnection, args []string)
GetMetadata() PluginMetadata
//go:generate counterfeiter . CliConnection
List of commands available to CliConnection variable passed into run
type CliConnection interface {
CliCommandWithoutTerminalOutput(args ...string) ([]string, error)
CliCommand(args ...string) ([]string, error)
GetCurrentOrg() (plugin_models.Organization, error)
GetCurrentSpace() (plugin_models.Space, error)
Username() (string, error)
UserGuid() (string, error)
UserEmail() (string, error)
IsLoggedIn() (bool, error)
// IsSSLDisabled returns true if and only if the user is connected to the Cloud Controller API with the
// `--skip-ssl-validation` flag set unless the CLI configuration file cannot be read, in which case it
// returns an error.
IsSSLDisabled() (bool, error)
HasOrganization() (bool, error)
HasSpace() (bool, error)
ApiEndpoint() (string, error)
ApiVersion() (string, error)
HasAPIEndpoint() (bool, error)
LoggregatorEndpoint() (string, error)
DopplerEndpoint() (string, error)
AccessToken() (string, error)
GetApp(string) (plugin_models.GetAppModel, error)
GetApps() ([]plugin_models.GetAppsModel, error)
GetOrgs() ([]plugin_models.GetOrgs_Model, error)
GetSpaces() ([]plugin_models.GetSpaces_Model, error)
GetOrgUsers(string, ...string) ([]plugin_models.GetOrgUsers_Model, error)
GetSpaceUsers(string, string) ([]plugin_models.GetSpaceUsers_Model, error)
GetServices() ([]plugin_models.GetServices_Model, error)
GetService(string) (plugin_models.GetService_Model, error)
GetOrg(string) (plugin_models.GetOrg_Model, error)
GetSpace(string) (plugin_models.GetSpace_Model, error)
type VersionType struct {
Major int
Minor int
Build int
type PluginMetadata struct {
Name string
Version VersionType
MinCliVersion VersionType
Commands []Command
type Usage struct {
Usage string
Options map[string]string
type Command struct {
Name string
Alias string
HelpText string
UsageDetails Usage //Detail usage to be displayed in `cf help <cmd>`
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