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@simonleung8 simonleung8 released this May 20, 2015 · 8754 commits to master since this release

CF version v6.11.3



Change Log

  • Improve Tip for bind-service command [#94153632]
  • using /apps instead /instances to poll for staging [finishes #93382608]
  • user can reference a file containing JSON when creating a service instance [#88670540]
  • Translate failure message for invalid JSON in arbitrary params arg for create-service [#88670540]
  • new GetApp() method in ApplicationRepository package [#93382608]
  • do not create zip when no file to upload during cf push [#94014700]
  • updated and resolves conflicts in language files [#94014700]
  • Add -c flag to pass arbitrary params during create-service [#89843658]
  • Remove async from request body during create-service [#92396108]
    Two problems here:
    1. Async is a query parameter flag, not a post body paramter
    2. POST /v2/service_instances does not respect async flag anyway
  • cf start uses old loggregator to tail logs, instead of noaa [#93554176]
  • use old loggregator consumer to retrieve logs [#93554176]
  • godeps [#93554176]
  • add delete service key command [#87062548]
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