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Change Log

Tab completion

The cf CLI now supports tab completion on systems where that is enabled.
Completion is provided of cf native subcommands and option names as well as arguments & option values that are available locally to the CLI, i.e. filepaths and e.g. true/false and process/port/http enumerations.


$ cf <tab><tab>
Display all 156 possibilities? (y or n)

$ cf i<tab>
$ cf install-plugin 

$ cf set-org-role user myorg o<tab>m<tab>
$ cf set-org-role user myorg OrgManager

To enable Bash tab completion, the bash-completion package needs to be installed. Run sudo apt-get install bash-completion , sudo yum install bash-completion or homebrew install bash-completion on Debian, RPM, Homebrew based system respectively.
The Debian, RPM and Homebrew installers of the cf CLI bundle a Bash tab completion file that is copied to a standard location (e.g. /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/ or /etc/bash_completion.d/), where it should be picked up automatically on Bash completion enabled environments the next time you open a Bash shell. If it's not, open ~/.bashrc and ensure the tab completion file is sourced from it. Refer to your shell & operating system's documentation for details.
For downloaders of the binary releases or the Mac OS X package, download the above file and ensure it is executed when you open a shell (e.g. by sourcing it from your shell profile (~/.bash_profile)).

CLI binary 30% smaller

The file size of the cf CLI binaries has been reduced by about 30%.
Previously, the binaries included additional data useful in debugging and profiling the CLI. The CLI team never used these tools, so it made sense to remove them.
This change should not affect the execution of the actual program. They only affect whether you can debug or analyze the binary with other tools, which you still can if you rebuild the binary to include this data.

Plugin Framework Changes

  • The GetApp_RouteSummary API now includes fields to retrieve a route''s path or port.

Updated commands

  • run-task now accepts parameters to configure the memory and disk space limits for a task.
  • push options -f and -p and other commands accepting a path to a file or folder now display a friendlier parsing error when the filepath is not found. (#1030)
  • help now displays the alias of plugin commands, and accepts them to display its command help text. (#1048)
  • login now accepts the SSO passcode on the command line. (#1052)
  • ssh now accept base64 encoded SHA256 SSH fingerprints exposed by /v2/info. (#1072)