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Change Log

Org default isolation segments

This release introduces commands to configure a default isolation segment for an org, on which applications are placed from any space that has not explictly been assigned an isolation segment.
The new commands require a target CF release of v254 (CC API v3.11.0) onwards.
Refer to the documentation for details.

Bash tab completion on dash includes long options

Tab completion on a single dash (-) now displays both short and long option names (suppressing short ones when a long one is available) to get a quick overview of all available options to a (sub)command:

$ cf push myapp -
-b                   --health-check-type  --no-hostname        --route-path
-c                   --help               --no-manifest        -s
-d                   --hostname           --no-route           -t
--docker-image       -i                   --no-start           --version
--docker-username    -k                   -p
-f                   -m                   --random-route

An enhancement to our upstream Goflags command parser library was accepted to support this. Previously, tab completion on a single dash would only display short options.

Fixed regressions

  • add-plugin-repo did not work if the plugin repo URL contained a path in cf CLI v6.28.0. (#1178)
  • Refactored commands could fail when obtaining a new access token from an older CF release. (#1175)

Refactored commands

We are in the process of creating a more consistent user experience; our goal is to standardize UI output.
For example, warnings and errors will consistently be outputted to stderr instead of stdout and English table and key-value headers displayed in lowercase.
As we iterate through the list of commands, we are also focusing on improving performance and stability.
Please review your scripts if they depend on the output of these commands.

List of improved commands in this release:

  • restage (when you cf restage and the command fails, the CLI now correctly returns a exit code of 1)
  • restart

Updated commands

  • set-org-default-isolation-segment
  • reset-org-default-isolation-segment
  • org
  • restage and restart now display a more detailed error message when staging fails
  • set-space-isolation-segment and reset-space-isolation-segment now have better command descriptions
  • security-groups now won't fail if a security group is deleted while retrieving its details
  • enable-feature-flag and disable-feature-flag now have better, concise command descriptions. (#1174)
  • set-env now includes unset-env in its SEE ALSO help section. (#1179)