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@tjvman tjvman released this May 29, 2018 · 2426 commits to master since this release

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Change Log

Variable Substitution

Variable substitution allow app developers to create app manifests with values shared across all applicable environments in combination with references to environment-specific differences defined in separate files. Using variable substitution also enables developers to store sensitive data in a separate file that the app manifest inherits, making the credentials easier to manage and keep secure.

See documentation for more information including usage.


  • The api/cloudcontroller/ccv2 package has been updated with more functions #1343
  • Now a warning appears if you are using a API version older than 2.69.0, which is no longer officially supported
  • Now the CLI reads the username and password from the environment variables #1358

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug whereby X-Cf-Warnings were not being unescaped when displayed to user #1361
  • When using CF_TRACE=1, passwords are now sanitized #1375 and tracker

Plugin Updates

Note: The minimum version of the CC API this CF CLI release is compatible with is CC API v2.69.0. See our minimum supported version policy for more information.

Release contributors: Dies Koper and Jay Badenhope (CF CLI PMs who helped research Variable Substitution), An Yu, Sebastian Vidrio, Anande Gaitonde, Thomas Viehman, Alex Zhao, Abby Chau

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