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Adhere to Rubocop gem enforced style guide

Update rubocop and first pass fix app.rb
Use single quotes instead of double quotes unless interpolating
Update hash syntax
Add spaces inside curly braces
Add space inside block braces
Consolidate dot position as trailing
One space between method calls
Whitespace before blocks
No spaces arround parameter defaults
Respect rubocop max line length of 180 characters
Whitespace around operators
Remove superfluos linebreaks
No spaces in square brackets
Reformat hashes as arguments
Enforce % syntax for regex, array and strings
Avoid spaces before parenthesis on method calls
Remove traling lines at the end of files
Remove newlines after class definitions
Remove extra newlines
Spaces after commas
Align when with case statments
Use compact raise errors format
Remove unused assigments
Use single-quoted strings inside interpolation
No empty parenthesis on method calls with no arguments
permit Style/MultilineBlockChain
Fix indentation consistency
Use key? in favor of the deprecated has_key?
Use \ as oposed to + or << to concatenate multiline strings
Remove reduntant returns
Prefer Symbol#to_proc as oposed to blocks
Use File.exist? as oposed to the deprecated File.exists?
Disable Lint/HandleExceptions
Multiline some long blocks
Do not encourage unless
Remove trailing whitespace
Fix array indentation
Fix tests broken by removal of deprecated method calls
Add spaces after comments
Blank lines around access modifiers
Always add a space after colons
Align array elements that span more than one line
Avoid spaces inside parenthesis
Ignore rubocop alerts on lambda styles
Fix some shadowed local variables
Remove empty lines in module definitions
Dont use perl-style global variables
Remove useless access modifiers
Avoid using :: method calls
Use && / || instead of and / or
To satisfy Rubocop style policy
Use bare percent literals where possible
Use parenthesis on method definitions
Avoid get_ and set_ on accessor methods
Fix several styling cops from rubocop
Prefer each_with_object over inject or reduce
Fix more rubocop alerts
Address more Rubocop warnings
Fix the last rubucop warnings

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console Adhere to Rubocop gem enforced style guide
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