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Intent of each kind of test

NOTE: This list is incomplete. Please enhance it as you can


These test the full Cloud Controller stack, while stubbing out any external services. The intent is that integration tests that would otherwise end up in spec/controllers should go here. This folder is distinct from spec/integration, because those tests actually spin up CC in a separate process along with other components like UAA. As it is generally more convenient to use WebMock to represent external services, these tests run the controller in-process.


These tests ensure that, as we add new minor versions to the v2 Service Broker API, Cloud Controller continues to work with all previous minor versions. As each minor version builds on the functionality of its predecessors, the test for each minor version tests ONLY the changes introduced in that minor version. The intent is that these tests should not have to be changed as we add new minor versions of the Service Broker API. To enforce this, the broker_api_versions_spec.rb will fail whenver the content of any of the api tests changes.

These tests only exercise the happy path, make minimal assertions against the CC API (usually only that the response is not a failure), and assert mostly that the correct requests are sent to the service broker.

Due to the fact that new optional fields will be added to requests sent to the broker in the future, any assertions on request parameters should that the expected keys are included, not that the exact set of fields is sent. For example, assert that a provision request includes the plan_id, but do not assert that the exact set of keys present in version 2.1 are sent, as this test will break as later minor versions are added.