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-audit resource tracking, make sure code is sound.
-fix up dea status handler
-look at how stopped app state gets cleaned up.
-finish varz support.
-should we sanity check how much memory/disk we advertise?
-add high water mark check for disk usage based on total disk on the machine.
-make sure usage stats, and vmc crashes works...exercise application info features.
-bound number of redundant crashed instances we keep around.
-for some reason health manager keeps trying to restart crashed apps.
-apps can get stuck between STARTING and RUNNING if stuff blocks in warden
under load (demonstrate by running app with many instances > 8).
-get_stats can get called on a bad handle.
-exercise update feature, make sure its working and happ.
-make use of logid consistent.
-attend to all XXX
-get BVT's running with new DEA.
-fix broken unit tests (e.g. app_cache)
-add server unit test.
-improve/cleanup dea_test tool.
-remove vcap requirement, serve sample droplet with thin.
-have dea_test generate diverse start messages.
-add a load test.
-refactor handler to ease unit testing (i.e. make instances a class)
-add types to all untyped exceptions.
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