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Changes from v1.35.0 to v2.0.0

IMPORTANT: Diego v2.0.0 introduces some breaking changes to the operator configuration of the BOSH release and deliberately removes support for other job properties and API endpoints that will be removed soon. In particular, in this release:

  • Diego APIs now require configuration for mutual TLS.
  • Diego components default to using Locket as their lock and cell-registration provider.
  • The BBS API no longer supports migration of legacy etcd data to MySQL or Postgres.
  • The legacy spiff-based manifest-generation system is removed in favor of cf-deployment.

A full list of expected changes in the v2 release series is available in the v2.0.0 proposal.

Significant changes


BBS Benchmarks

BBS Relational Datastore


De-Consuling Locks

Per-Instance Proxy (Experimental)

Manifest Generation

Component Logging and Metrics


Test Suites and Tooling


BOSH job changes


BOSH property changes


  • Added locks.locket.enabled, defaulting to true.

  • Changed diego.auctioneer.locket.api_location default to locket.service.cf.internal:8891.

  • Removed diego.auctioneer.bbs.require_ssl.

  • diego.auctioneer.bbs.ca_cert is now required.

  • diego.auctioneer.bbs.client_cert is now required.

  • diego.auctioneer.bbs.client_key is now required.

  • diego.auctioneer.ca_cert is now required.

  • diego.auctioneer.server_cert is now required.

  • diego.auctioneer.server_key is now required.


  • Added cell_registrations.locket.enabled, defaulting to true.

  • Added locks.locket.enabled, defaulting to true.

  • Changed diego.bbs.locket.api_location default to locket.service.cf.internal:8891.

  • Removed diego.bbs.desired_lrp_creation_timeout.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.ca_cert.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.client_cert.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.client_key.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.client_session_cache_size.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.machines.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.max_idle_conns_per_host.

  • Removed diego.bbs.etcd.require_ssl.

  • Removed diego.bbs.require_ssl.

  • diego.bbs.ca_cert is now required.

  • diego.bbs.server_cert is now required.

  • diego.bbs.server_key is now required.


  • Removed benchmark-bbs.bbs.require_ssl.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.ca_cert.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.client_cert.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.client_key.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.client_session_cache_size.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.machines.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.max_idle_conns_per_host.

  • Removed benchmark-bbs.etcd.require_ssl.

  • benchmark-bbs.bbs.ca_cert is now required.

  • benchmark-bbs.bbs.client_cert is now required.

  • benchmark-bbs.bbs.client_key is now required.


  • Removed diego.cfdot.bbs.use_ssl.

  • tls.ca_certificate is now required.

  • tls.certificate is now required.

  • tls.private_key is now required.

rep and rep_windows

  • Added cell_registrations.locket.enabled, defaulting to true.

  • Changed diego.rep.locket.api_location default to locket.service.cf.internal:8891.

  • Removed admin_api.require_tls.

  • Removed diego.rep.bbs.ca_cert.

  • Removed diego.rep.bbs.client_cert.

  • Removed diego.rep.bbs.client_key.

  • Removed diego.rep.ca_cert.

  • Removed diego.rep.require_tls.

  • Removed diego.rep.server_cert.

  • Removed diego.rep.server_key.

  • Removed use_v2_tls.

  • tls.ca_cert is now required.

  • tls.cert is now required.

  • tls.key is now required.

route_emitter and route_emitter_windows

  • Changed locks.locket.enabled default to true.

  • Removed diego.route_emitter.bbs.require_ssl.

  • diego.route_emitter.bbs.ca_cert is now required.

  • diego.route_emitter.bbs.client_cert is now required.

  • diego.route_emitter.bbs.client_key is now required.


  • Removed diego.ssh_proxy.bbs.require_ssl.

  • diego.ssh_proxy.bbs.ca_cert is now required.

  • diego.ssh_proxy.bbs.client_cert is now required.

  • diego.ssh_proxy.bbs.client_key is now required.


  • Removed vizzini.bbs.require_ssl.

  • vizzini.bbs.client_cert is now required.

  • vizzini.bbs.client_key is now required.

BOSH link changes