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Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR)

Welcome to the CFCR documentation!

This repo contains the content for the CFCR documentation, published at The documentation is currently under development.


The CFCR documentation is published with MkDocs, using a customized version of the Material theme.

MkDocs is a Python application that generates a static web app from Markdown files. Each topic in the CFCR documentation is represented by a Markdown file in the docs directory.

How To Contribute

Please help us improve the accuracy and completeness of the CFCR documentation by contributing.

The easiest way to contribute is to file a pull request through GitHub.

To a file a pull request, perform the following steps:

  1. Locate the pencil icon at the top right of the topic you're looking at.
  2. Click the pencil icon to navigate to the GitHub page for the corresponding Markdown file.
  3. Make your changes in the GitHub editor and create a pull request.

You can also create an issue. Issues are repo-wide, so please indicate which topic or topics you are leaving feedback for.

How To Style and Format Your Changes

The CFCR documentation is written in Markdown, but it also uses an MkDocs extension called Admonition that enables block-styled side content, such as notes, hints or warnings. See the Admonition documentation for more information about usage.

How To Preview Your Changes with MkDocs

You can use MkDocs to view a live version of the CFCR documentation on your local machine. This can be useful if you are submitting a pull request with substantial changes to the documentation.

Perform the following steps to preview your changes:

  1. Install MkDocs on your machine by following the instructions on the MkDocs site.

  2. Use pip (or sudo -H pip) to install the latest version of the Material theme:

    $ pip install mkdocs-material

  3. Use pip to install the PyMdown Extensions:

    $ pip install pymdown-extensions

  4. Clone this repo:

    $ git clone

  5. Navigate to the repo on your machine.

  6. Launch the MkDocs development server:

    $ mkdocs serve

  7. Navigate to localhost:8000 to see a local version of the documentation. The site will update automatically as you make changes to the Markdown files.


This repo contains the content for the CFCR documentation.



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