This buildpack lets .NET Core applications run on the Linux stacks.
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Cloud Foundry buildpack: .NET Core

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A Cloud Foundry buildpack for .NET Core applications.

For more information about ASP.NET Core see:


cf push my_app -b

Buildpack User Documentation

Official buildpack documentation can be found at

Building the Buildpack

These steps only apply to admins who wish to install the buildpack into their Cloud Foundry deployment. They are meant to be run in a Linux shell and assume that git, Ruby, and the bundler gem are already installed.

  1. Make sure you have fetched submodules
git submodule update --init
  1. Get latest buildpack dependencies
BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle
  1. Build the binary dependencies (optional)

If you need to rebuild these, to change a version for example, see the included Dockerfiles. They contain comments specifying the commands to run. Then update manifest.yml to point to your files.

  1. Build the buildpack

uncached means the buildpack's binary dependencies will be downloaded the first time an application is staged, and cached means they will be packaged in the buildpack ZIP.

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-packager [ --uncached | --cached ]
  1. Use in Cloud Foundry

Upload the buildpack to your Cloud Foundry and optionally specify it by name

cf create-buildpack custom_dotnet-core_buildpack 1
cf push my_app -b custom_dotnet-core_buildpack

Unit Testing

Having performed the steps from Building:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec rake spec

Integration Testing

Integration tests are run using Machete.

To run all the tests (unit and integration):

CF_PASSWORD=admin BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-build


Find our guidelines here.

Reporting Issues

Open an issue on this project.