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Latest commit 3d9e7ec @nierajsingh nierajsingh [98065168] - Added UI to select main type when pushing Spring
Boot/standalone Java if more than one main type found in source.
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.settings PT 71885412 - Make Java 1.7 minimum execution environment for CF
META-INF Fixed issues with bundle labels
OSGI-INF/l10n Fixed issues with bundle labels
lib [91648246] - Update to spring-boot-loader-tools-1.2.3.RELEASE.
.classpath [91648246] - Update to spring-boot-loader-tools-1.2.3.RELEASE.
.gitignore Added missing pom and licence files to standalone plugin, and added to
.project STS-3248 Framework implementation and refactoring of standalone into
Notice.txt Updated copyright year to 2015 for feature notice. Fixed bundle label error
plugin.xml Updated source licence headers to Apache.
pom.xml Upversion to 1.8.3
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