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Cloud Foundry Go(Lang) Buildpack

CF Slack

A Cloud Foundry buildpack for Go(lang) based apps.

This is based on the Heroku buildpack.

Buildpack User Documentation

Official buildpack documentation can be found at

Building the Buildpack

  1. Make sure you have fetched submodules

    git submodule update --init
  2. Get latest buildpack dependencies

    BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle
  3. Build the buildpack

    BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-packager [ --uncached | --cached ]
  4. Use in Cloud Foundry

    Upload the buildpack to your Cloud Foundry and optionally specify it by name

    cf create-buildpack custom_go_buildpack 1
    cf push my_app -b custom_go_buildpack


Buildpacks use the Machete framework for running integration tests.

To test a buildpack, run the following command from the buildpack's directory:

BUNDLE_GEMFILE=cf.Gemfile bundle exec buildpack-build

More options can be found on Machete's Github page.


Find our guidelines here.

Help and Support

Join the #buildpacks channel in our Slack community if you need any further assistance.

Reporting Issues

Please fill out the issue template fully if you'd like to start an issue for the buildpack.

Active Development

The project backlog is on Pivotal Tracker