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Istio + Cloud Foundry
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CF Networking Team
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Istio + Cloud Foundry

This repo is a BOSH release that packages Istio and Envoy for support of Service Mesh use cases in Cloud Foundry.

Note: This release is under heavy development and not yet ready for use.

Getting Help

For help or questions with this release or any of its submodules, you can reach the maintainers on Slack at in the #networking channel.


Setup a cf-deployment environment with istio-release

cf-deployment-concourse-tasks v6

  • GCP only for right now
  • configure the bbl-up task with our custom bbl-config to deploy dedicated load balancers for the new Istio ingress routers
  • configure bosh-deploy task with our custom operations file

Deploy with bosh cli

This assumes you have already paved your infrastructure, e.g. BBLv6 with our patches.

git clone

cd istio-release/

bosh create-release && bosh upload-release

bosh deploy cf.yml -o deploy/cf-deployment-operations/add-istio.yml

Contributing to istio-release

Please follow our Code of Conduct.

Running Tests

Before submitting a PR, please run our tests and update any tests relevant to your changes.

Run release tests

Test your changes to istio-release. This script tests changes in copilot and in the BOSH release.

./scripts/update # to sync all the submodules

Run upstream tests

Test your integration with upstream Istio. This runs the Pilot-related tests within

./scripts/update # to sync all the submodules
./ or ./
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