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Java Buildpack Auto-Reconfiguration

This repository contains the auto-reconfiguration functionality for Spring and Play Framework auto-reconfiguration. It also contains a replacement Play Framework JPA Plugin that can be properly auto-reconfigured.

What is Auto-Reconfiguration?

Auto-reconfiguration consists of three parts.

  1. it adds the cloud profile to Spring's list of active profiles
  2. it exposes all of the properties contributed by Cloud Foundry as a PropertySource in the ApplicationContext
  3. it re-writes the bean definitions of various types to connect automatically with services bound to the application.

The types that are rewritten are as follows:

Bean Type Service Type
javax.sql.DataSource Relational Data Services (e.g. ClearDB, ElephantSQL)
org.springframework.amqp.rabbit.connection.ConnectionFactory RabbitMQ Service (e.g. CloudAMQP) Mongo Service (e.g. MongoLab) Redis Service (e.g. Redis Cloud)
org.springframework.orm.hibernate3.AbstractSessionFactoryBean Relational Data Services (e.g. ClearDB, ElephantSQL)
org.springframework.orm.hibernate4.LocalSessionFactoryBean Relational Data Services (e.g. ClearDB, ElephantSQL)
org.springframework.orm.jpa.AbstractEntityManagerFactoryBean Relational Data Services (e.g. ClearDB, ElephantSQL)

More information about Java application development on Cloud Foundry can be found here:


Pull requests are welcome; see the contributor guidelines for details.


This buildpack is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.