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Groovy Container

The Groovy Container allows uncompiled Groovy files (i.e. *.groovy) to be run.

Detection Criteria
  • A .groovy file exists which has a main() method, or
  • A .groovy file exists which is not a POGO (a POGO contains one or more classes), or
  • A .groovy file exists which has a shebang (#!) declaration
  • No .class files exist
Tags groovy=⟨version⟩

Tags are printed to standard output by the buildpack detect script

Any JAR files found in the application are automatically added to the classpath at runtime.


For general information on configuring the buildpack, refer to Configuration and Extension.

The container can be configured by modifying the config/groovy.yml file in the buildpack fork. The container uses the Repository utility support and so it supports the version syntax defined there.

Name Description
repository_root The URL of the Groovy repository index (details).
version The version of Groovy to use. Candidate versions can be found in this listing.
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