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Spring Boot CLI Container

The Spring Boot CLI Container runs one or more Groovy (i.e. *.groovy) files using Spring Boot CLI.

Detection Criteria
  • The application has one or more .groovy files, and
  • All the application's .groovy files are POGOs (a POGO contains one or more classes), and
  • None of the application's .groovy files contain a main method, and
  • None of the application's .groovy files contain a shebang (#!) declaration, and
  • The application does not have a WEB-INF subdirectory of its root directory.
Tags spring-boot-cli=⟨version⟩
Tags are printed to standard output by the buildpack detect script.

If the application uses Spring, Spring profiles can be specified by setting the SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE environment variable. This is automatically detected and used by Spring. The Spring Auto-reconfiguration Framework will specify the cloud profile in addition to any others.


For general information on configuring the buildpack, including how to specify configuration values through environment variables, refer to Configuration and Extension.

The container can be configured by modifying the config/spring_boot_cli.yml file in the buildpack fork. The container uses the Repository utility support and so it supports the version syntax defined there.

Name Description
repository_root The URL of the Spring Boot CLI repository index (details).
version The version of Spring Boot CLI to use. Candidate versions can be found in this listing.