Find file History
Zanadar and djoyahoy Look for V3 sentinal file in stager construction and panic if found
 - V3 shim buildpacks create this file, indicating they ran before a
   v2 buildpack. This is required because running a v2 buildpack after
   a v3 buildpack is not supported.
 - This code path is only used by V2b buildpacks.


Co-authored-by: Danny Joyce <>
Latest commit 1a7f622 Jan 10, 2019

Installing the packager

go get
cd ~/go/src/ && go install

How to regenerate bindata.go

Run go generate when you add, remove, or change the files in the scaffold directory.

This will generate a new bindata.go file, which you SHOULD commit to the repo. Both the scaffold directory that this file is created from and the file itself belong in the repo. Make changes directly to the scaffold directory and its files, not bindata.go.

For more on go-bindata:

Running tests

ginkgo -r