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Cloud Foundry Login Server

Handles authentication on and delegates all other identity management tasks to the UAA. Also provides OAuth2 endpoints issuing tokens to client apps for (the tokens come from the UAA and no data are stored locally).

Running and Testing the Login Server

The Login Server is a standard JEE servlet application, and you can build a war file and deploy it to any container you like (mvn package and look in the target directory). For convenience there is also a Maven profile that will run the Login Server, the UAA and some sample apps all in the same container from the command line (assuming you have the UAA and Login Server cloned in separate directories with a common parent):

$ (cd uaa; mvn clean install)
$ cd login-server
$ mvn clean install
$ mvn tomcat:run -P integration

(Note that the tomcat7 plugin at the moment does not support running multiple apps in the same container - it's a bug that is fixed but not released as of September 2012.)

You can run the Login Server integration tests using the command line as well (as long as the UAA project is built and installed first as above):

$ mvn test -P integration
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