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Cloud Foundry library for maintaining on-premises buildpacks
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Machete is the CF buildpack test framework.


Cloud Foundry

The tests require a running instance of Cloud Foundry. By default, it will try to find an instance at the local IP You can specify an alternative Cloud Foundry instance with the --host argument.

Usage :

bundle exec buildpack-build --host=myhost.mydomain

We run our tests with a local bosh-lite deployment. See the github repo for more instructions.

These tests assume an org named pivotal and a space named integration exist. Use these commands to create them:

cf create-org pivotal
cf create-space integration -o pivotal


  1. Navigate to the buildpack that you want to test (e.g., Ruby Buildpack)
  2. Update submodules:
git  submodule update --init
  1. From your buildpack's directory, run the buildpack-build script.
bundle exec buildpack-build

Buildpack Modes:

  • uncached: Buildpack dependencies will be fetched from the internet when staging an app.
  • cached : Buildpack dependencies will be downloaded and bundled with the buildpack before uploading it to Cloud Foundry.

If you only want to run your tests with one mode, you can use the bundle exec buildpack-build [ --cached | --uncached ] script instead.


Errors in the Machete library log to STDOUT by default. You can change Machete's default log:

  Machete.logger ="log/integration.log")

Running Test Suite

To run the unit test suite, run the following from the base machete directory:

$ rspec

To run the integration test, run the following from the internet_traffic_test directory:

$ cf_exec buildpack-build


RVM Version

You may encounter a silent early exit for scripts cached-build and uncached-build. This is an issue with RVM running inside a bash script with set -e.

Ensure you have the latest stable version of RVM

$ rvm --version # At least version 1.25.22
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