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Use `Object` interchangeably with `any`.

Change-Id: If00b9fa32ca7be53ab999e0d8a6e2b22223459b7
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commit 9b49be7327ca9c8dde349f52b5b1028fca7fd7b2 1 parent 2c6a9a3
@kowshik kowshik authored
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@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ Membrane provides a handful of useful schemas out of the box. You should be
able to construct the majority of your schemas using only what is provided
by default. The provided schemas are:
-* _Any_ - Accepts all values. Use it sparingly.
+* _Any_ - Accepts all values. Use it sparingly. It is synonymous to
+ class Object in Ruby.
* _Bool_ - Accepts ```true``` and ```false```.
* _Class_ - Accepts instances of a supplied class.
* _Dictionary_ - Accepts hashes whose keys and values validate against their
@@ -63,7 +64,7 @@ be self-explanatory.
Membrane::SchemaParser.parse do
{ "ints" => [Integer]
"true_or_false" => bool,
- "anything" => any,
+ "anything" => any, # You can also use Object instead.
optional("_") => any,
"one_or_two" => enum(1, 2),
"strs_to_ints" => dict(String, Integer),
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